Renting a Car from Thrifty? Learn from My Mistakes

My family and I were in Florida this past weekend visiting colleges for my son and daughter. We rented a car from Thrifty in Orlando for four days. While I thought I did everything possible to get the best possible deal, it turns out I made three critical mistakes that cost me about $100. So before you rent from Thrifty or any other car rental company, learn from my mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not subscribing to travel sites

We booked our car rental directly through But before confirming the reservation, we compared prices on several travel websites, including So we knew we were getting the best available price at the time we made our reservation. And that’s the key point. It turns out that prices dropped about a week later. How do I know?

Because friends of ours who went with us and also booked through Thrifty received an e-mail notice from several travel sites alerting them to the better price. They called Thrifty and received the lower price on the rental, saving about $10 per day. Because I wasn’t subscribed to e-mail alerts, we missed out on these savings. So even if you book directly on or another rental car company’s website, subscribe to several travel websites so you can easily monitor price drops and special deals.

Mistake #2: Paying a set fee for an EZ Pass

This was our biggest mistake, at least in terms of my own stupidity. When we got to the Thrifty rental counter at about 1 am (Ugh!), the young lady behind the counter tried to sell us about a billion extras (see insurance discussion below for an example). One of the extras was the use of an EZ Pass for tolls for about $6 a day. I should have known it was a rip off.

Instead of just saying no, I asked her how much in tolls it takes to drive from Orlando to St. Pete Beach and back. I’m paraphrasing, but her answer went something like this—“It’s all toll roads and it will cost you a trillion dollars.” So we spent a total of about $27 to use an EZ Pass for 4 days.

Actual cost of tolls—about $5.

Lesson learned. And if you want to become a rental car ninja, remember to bring your own EZ Pass on the trip.

Update: An alert reader raised the possibility that using your EZ Pass in a rental car could be a problem. Having researched the issue, it appears that you can register a rental car to your EZ Pass account via the web or by phone. But to be certain, contact EZ Pass first.

Mistake #3: Filling up near the airport

We never bring the car back on empty. While prices vary, rental car companies charge more for gas than they do the use of an EZ Pass. I believe Thrifty’s price of gas was about $7.50 a gallon. So we did the “smart” thing and filled up near the airport just before returning the card. It cost us $5.50 a gallon!

It turns out that the gas stations near the Orlando airport have jacked up the price of gas to take advantage of travelers. Everywhere else in Florida the price is about $3.50 a gallon. I’m told these gas stations have even been in the press for ripping off customers with ridiculous gas prices. So when you fill up, make sure you don’t go to a gas station right next to the airport.

Mistake Avoided: Paying for unnecessary insurance

There is one mistake I managed to avoid—paying for rental car insurance. The Thrifty representative did everything she could think of to get me to buy the blasted insurance. Her primary strategy was to tell me that if the car is in an accident, I’d be responsible for paying the rental fees while the car is in the shop. I didn’t go for it.

I’ve got rental insurance coverage through Nationwide and through the American Express Gold card I used to pay for the rental.

If you know of other rental car gotchas to avoid, please let us know in the comments below.

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Published or Updated: March 6, 2013
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  1. jim says:

    I had a bad experience with Thifty at the Orlando airport once myself years ago. They pushed hard sell on unnecessary insurance. They were kinda rude. And then after the fact Thrifty billed my credit card twice.

    Big thumbs down for Thrifty in Orlando from me.

  2. Annie Mack says:

    Be careful bringing your own EZ Pass anywhere. Here in Delaware, you have to register to your car to your EZ Pass. If you don’t, you’ll get a nice little fine in your mailbox. I guess you could register the rental car when you get it, but just be careful, it could end up costing you more than stopping at the toll booth. It’s also just one more thing to possibly forget and leave in the car. Traveling is hard enough!

  3. Matthew says:

    Prepaid fuel option at Thrifty can also be a ripoff; they threatened me with the cost of their fuel and the cost at the only gas station within 10 miles of the airport, and then told me I would have to fill up there or they would fine me – they would be checking receipts to see if it was within 10 miles or some nonsense. I caved, and bought the prepaid fuel option on our Ford Focus. I hesitated but didn’t say anything when I noticed the total seemed higher than it should; he charged us for 17.6 gallons; the Focus has a 12 gallon tank and wasn’t even completely full (I don’t think so by the gauge) when we picked it up. Moral of the story? Don’t do prepaid fuel, make sure you have a full tank by topping off right after pickup, and fill up somewhere other than by the airport. If you have to fill up nearby, just do a top-off and give them your <1 gallon receipt.
    I called Thrifty when I found out the gas tank was 5 gallons less than what they billed me and they refused to refund me. It's going to be a battle at dropoff!!!

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