20 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $100

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 19th, which means you have just over one month to find Dad a gift he will love.  You might be surprised to learn that Father’s Day wasn’t an official holiday until 1972, when President Richard M. Nixon signed it into law.

Father’s Day can be dated back to around 1910 when the people of Spokane Washington wore roses to church in honor of their fathers.  A red rose symbolized a living father, while a white rose symbolized a deceased father.  With Mothers Day having just been made an official holiday, the group from Spokane tried to have the same done with Father’s Day but with no success.  The idea of recognizing Father’s was often laughed at and although Presidents like Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Cooledge attempted to recognize the day, Congress would have none of it.  It wasn’t until 1966, when then President Lyndon B Johnson officially recognized Father’s Day, that people thought of it as a holiday.  Six years later, Father’s Day was declared as a holiday falling on the third Sunday in June.

This Father’s Day, make sure you let Dad know how much you love him by getting him a great gift.  If you need help, we’ve come up with 20 great Father’s Day gift ideas under $100.

1. Omaha Steaks – The way to a man’s heart is said to be through his stomach but in this case, I’m looking to go straight to the stomach and no-where else.  I was fortunate enough to purchase a sampler pack of Omaha Steaks while in college and I was blown away at the variety and taste of what they presented.  Burgers, dogs, bacon wrapped scallops, pork chops, steak, potatoes … the list is very long and if you find a Father’s Day coupon code, you can save a good amount of money on your Father’s Day purchase.

2. Golf Accessories – One of the best ways to bond with Dad is to take him out for a round of golf.  If you’re not the golfing type, don’t worry, you can still find great deals on golf balls, shoes, hats, gloves, personalized tees and pretty much anything else that has to do with golf.  A recommended place to get started on your golf accessories quest is GolfBalls.com.

3. Sports Tickets – Sticking with the sports theme, another great way to spend time with Dad on Father’s Day is to go to a sporting event together.  In June, you’re usually limited to baseball but if you look hard enough, there are probably a few amateur teams in your area that play other sports.  To find a pair of tickets to a local sporting event near you, you can visit StubHub.com or check out eBay for local auctions.

4. Remote Control – If your Dad is anything like my father, then there’s one thing and one thing only he cares about after a long day at work.  The television in the living room is his prized jewel and every-time Mom gets a hold of the remote, it’s pure torture.  The second she puts Lifetime on, war is declared and it never ends well.  This Father’s Day, you have a great opportunity to buy Dad a universal remote that can override anything the wife might get her hands on.  Never again will Dad miss a key play in the football game and of all the gifts on this list, it’s the most inexpensive.  You’ll be the family favorite for quite some time. (At least in your fathers eyes)

5. Fishing Equipment – Although I’ve never been a great fisherman, I understand how some enjoy it so much.  The relaxation of getting away from life, even for just a few hours in a day seems impossible to me right now but you can offer Dad just that.  Whether it’s a new fishing pole or rod, extra line, lures, bait or a brand new tackle box, you can help Dad in performing his hobby better.  If you can schedule a few hours to spend with Dad, I bet there’s someone he’d love to take fishing with him.

6. Camcorder – The best way for Dad to never forget the important moments in your life, or his for that matter is to buy him a camcorder.  This gift will test the $100 limit I have set however if you’re diligent in your shopping, you can find a quality, like new camcorder from places like eBay and Craigslist for a very solid price.  However, if you don’t mind spending a little extra to make the camcorder have only one lifetime owner, you can visit places like Amazon.com and BestBuy.com, as they’ll have the best deals and newest technology.

7. Pocket Watch – At first, I wasn’t sure about adding this gift to the list because it’s somewhat outdated but the more I thought about it, the more I felt it belonged.  Even though the use for a pocket watch is limited, the idea of this gift really has nothing to do with telling time.  An engraved pocket watch is a very respectful gift to give Dad and the symbol it represents is worth more than any watch in the world.  Finding this gift can prove to be difficult but if you visit GuntherWatch.com, you’ll see hundreds of pocket watches for under $100.

8. Restaurant Gift Cards – If you can’t have the food delivered to Dad, then the next best option is to have Dad delivered to the food.  Gift cards to local chain restaurants like Chili’s and TGI Friday’s are a great idea as well as more secluded and personal restaurants in your area.  You might score double points here because Dad can use your gift to take Mom out and now you have two parents that love your gift!

9. Magazine Subscription – When Dad does lose control of the TV set, he’s going to need something to occupy his time while he plans a counter offensive and a magazine subscription is a great suggestion.  With thousands of magazine titles, you’re sure to find one topic that Dad is interested in and the best part is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Subscriptions are very inexpensive and if you have a look at BlueDolphin.com, you might even find one that you’d like to read.

10. Movie Gift Cards (Netflix, Blockbuster, AMC Theaters) – Last but not least, taking Dad, or the entire family to the movies is a great way to spend any Sunday afternoon.  Every movie theater in the country sells gift cards at their box office so if you want to take Dad out, buy the gift card ahead of time and suggest he takes everyone!  On the other hand, you could always sign Dad up for a Netflix or Blockbuster subscription and let him pick what movies he wants to see.  If your Dad is like my Dad, you may need to teach him about computers, or fill his queue out for him!

11. Camping Trip – Father’s Day is a great way to bring in the camping season. Camping is a great way to bond with your day while being active, and being together in the outdoors. Preparation is simple: load the car with your tents, sleeping bags, pillows and overnight accessories, some swim gear, fishing gear if you have, food, and matches to make a camp fire. Check out the best camping sites in your area and head out. This is guaranteed to be an adventure and a way to show your dad just how much you care. Visit LLBean.com to purchase anything you might need for the trip.

12. Custom T-Shirt/Polo Shirt – Men generally like to wear T-shirts when they are relaxing and/or a more classy look like a Polo shirt when they go out on the weekends. Be creative and customize a shirt for dad with a funny saying or a great picture of you and the family. He will love waking up on a Saturday or Sunday and putting this on while running errands. Alternatively, polo shirts can make a great gift. They are traditional and fun at the same time and come in a variety of colors.

13. Swim Trunks – If you anticipate spending any time at the pool or beach this summer, buy dad a really stylish pair of swim trunks. If you are real adventurous, you may even get yourself a matching pair. This way dad will feel good about himself at the beach this summer. Swim trunks can be found in major department stores in the men’s section or in smaller specialty shops. Some of my favorites include JCrew, and Tommy Bahama.

14. Anything from Sharper Image or Brookstone – Sharper Image and Brookstone are by far two of the best places to find unique gifts and innovative items for dad on Father’s Day. From electronics to sleep solutions, massage chairs to motorized tie racks, you certainly won’t be at a loss here. Visit SharperImage.com or Brookstone.com to learn more and pick out a really interesting gift for dad.

15. Accessories for the Barbecue Grill – It is a rarity to find a dad who doesn’t like to use the barbecue grill. Give your dad a gift he can enjoy using when he barbecues such as a barbecue tool set or a grill brush. Better yet, some vendors will even personalize the gift with a set of initials. This way your dad will never lose his barbecue tongs again. Even giving dad a set of barbecue sauces or marinades that he can use when grilling is a great idea. Simply visit Google and search for barbecue tools or accessories and a variety of options will be presented.

16. Massage – Who ever said that men don’t like massages? Sure, this may be a more typical gift for mom, but men also need some time to unwind and de-stress. A massage can be a perfect way to do this. A one hour gift certificate to the local spa could do the trick. Additionally, it may be nice to encourage your dad to use the sauna if available at the spa. One afternoon of relaxation, limited interruption and no blackberry is sure to reinvigorate dad.

17. Shaving Accessories– Not only do men look more handsome with a clean shave, but when you have the ideal supplies, the sky is the limit. A website/store called “The Art of Shaving” sells high end shaving products including shaving sets, shaving brushes, razors,  skin and body care and travel kits.  This company is definitely at the forefront of the shaving revolution. Products are available in men’s high end department stores as well as the brick and mortar stores in NYC and online.

18. Wine/Beer of the Month – For those dads that enjoy their wine or beer, have you considered a 6 month or one year membership to a wine or beer club? By joining on behalf of your dad, he will have the opportunity to try different wines/beers on a monthly basis. Some clubs even offer micro-brews as part of the sampling. You might want to make sure to run this one by mom first.

19. A Tie – Yes, this will certainly be the safe bet, “fall-back” gift but there is nothing wrong with a  beautiful tie, especially if you have a dad who is expected to wear a suit and tie to work every day; he can never have enough. Now a days, ties can be outrageous and fun so be sure to decide whether you want to go for the conservative look or fun, weekend look. While you you are at it, you may even want to match the tie with a great looking dress shirt if the budget permits.

20. A Home Cooked Meal – Last but not least, dads also want to be catered to. Why don’t you and mom plan a special meal that includes dad’s favorite dishes such as lobster or steak, Caesar salad, fresh vegetables, and surprise him. Afterwards, a great walk holding a tasty ice cream will be the perfect way to end the evening. To add a creative element, create a menu for the meal before hand so that dad’s mouth is watering by the time you serve. Bon Appetit!

Published or Updated: May 23, 2016


  1. CreditShout says:

    Thanks for including the historical background of father’s day! All these would make excellent gifts. My dad is so hard to shop for!

  2. icIncome says:

    How about a share or two of stock in a corporation? I think my dad would enjoy that! 🙂 I usually just pick up a stock suggested at icincome.com and then go from there. Think about it…tie, makes you nothing, but a stock?? Well, that might make you nothing too. :-))

  3. I think that I am going to get my Dad a new sports watch for Father’s day

  4. For Father’s Day gift I’d recommend a customized Father’s Day card, an unique and beautiful one, which expresses your sentiments and love for your Dad.

    Why a customized one? Because in my experience the gifts most treasured are the ones which have been customized specifically for the person, making it a truly unique gift, one that cant be bought straight off the shelf in a market.

    A card can be held in one’s hands and can be treasured on one’s desk or even the mantelpiece.

    And you know, even if you buy a gift for Father’s day, I’d recommend you to buy a Father’s day card alongwith it! It makes that difference!

    A hand-picked collection of Father’s Day cards

  5. Ida says:

    These are all great ideas, but spending time with him or calling him on this special day, is the best gift of all!

  6. Amy says:

    I bought my dad a few cards, something my family really enjoys. But I got this really great idea for a memory album from howcast. I put together a bunch of pictures from a trip to Chile my family took together. Here is the link if anybody is interested!

  7. Vipul says:

    You could order a photo-sculpture be made of a favorite pic! : I’ve come across the product where you upload your favorite pic and your Photo is then Cut Out from durable acrylic to Create a One-of-a-Kind Fathers Day gift, a photo-sculpture! Thats not all, you may Choose 5 forms for it : a Sculpture with Stand, Magnet, Pin, Ornament, or Keychain
    Its price $15


  8. itin number says:

    My dad is getting older and I have found that the best gifts are those that bring back memories of times we spent together when I was younger. Photos nicely framed or a special token that I saved from childhood returned means a lot to him.

  9. I was glad to see movie/restaurant gift cards on the list. It’s a great combo! I like doing this for various friend/family members. Also, consider finding out your dad’s favorite old TV show from when he was younger. A lot of these shows are now being released on DVD or BluRay. I give my dad a season or two of Seinfeld every occasion he needs a gift and he definitely loves it.

  10. This is a fantastic list of ideas for my dad – thanks for putting this together. It helps a lot in these tough economic times that they are so affordable.

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