The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (Blockbuster $0.40 Rentals Edition)

It’s no secret that Blockbuster is in serious trouble.  We’ve documented their actions well over the last year or so and even with some of the advantages they have over Netflix, Blockbuster was forced to file for bankruptcy a short time ago.

Still trying to fight their way back, Blockbuster has teamed up with the ever popular Groupon to offer consumers 5 rentals at any of their kiosk locations for just $2.  The regular price of a kiosk rental is $1, so this coupon effectively saves consumers 60% of the regular costs.  I’ll certainly be taking advantage of this offer, as I have a few Publix Supermarkets close to home that furnish the Blockbuster kiosk, rather than the RedBox one.

Details and rules on the promotion are simple.  Everyone is able to purchase one $2 package of five rentals and an unlimited supply of them as gifts (so I suppose the actual number you can buy is unlimited).  The promo codes you receive will only be good for one individual rental at a time and this deal expires May 1st, 2013, giving you a world of time to rent your movies.  Only standard DVD’s apply, so no Blu-ray titles can be rented.  Rentals can be returned at any Blockbuster kiosk location.

Moving on to our favorite articles from this past week…

Helping an Unemployed Friend or Family Member @ PT Money: While the economy takes it’s time in getting better, more individuals are running out of unemployment benefits.  If you have a friend or family member who you want to help out, tread lightly and read up on ways to strengthen your relationship by offering assistance.

Why Are Big Banks’ CD Rates So Pathetic @ US News: Rule of thumb is that you take 72 and divide it by your interest rate, and that’s how long it will take to double your money.  With the rates some banks are offering for CD’s, you might have to live well beyond 100 to see your money doubled.

Man Uses Minivan to Show How Much He Hates Bank of America @ The Consumerist: We’ve all been screwed over by a business at one point in our life and dreamed about dedicating every hour we had to taking them down, right? (Well at least I have)  This guy actually follows though every day he hits the road!

How Long Until Your Hybrid Pays Off @ Forbes: If your school of thought is that you’re in it to save the environment, then your purchase is already a good one.  If you’re in it to save money, you better live a long time!

Surprising Do-It-Yourself Ideas @ Cash Money Life: I’ve never been a DIY kind of guy outside of making my own meals however I think I might just take the leap and try making a few cleaning supplies.  Those suckers are expensive!

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