The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (American Airlines Flying Solo Edition)

Sometimes in business, advertising your product is just too darn expensive and it would appear American Airlines has just come to that conclusion.  Earlier this week, the airline decided to cut ties with and, two of the largest online travel comparison websites because the commissions they paid for each booked ticket was just “too great” in their opinion.  Oddly enough, American has not left the space completely, as they still show flights on Travelocity, Priceline and a host of other online booking sites.

Apparently, American Airlines had made some pretty steep demands in terms of pricing and where they’re listings should show on the site and either Expedia or Orbitz was willing to play ball.  As a result, American Airlines now advertises the removal of these partnerships on their homepage and will probably begin a new ad-campaign suggesting you buy their tickets directly, similar to what currently does.

The short-term effect this will have on American Airlines and both Orbitz and Expedia is simple.  Fewer people will be using these travel comparison websites once they learn that American Airlines is not included and fewer people will be booking American Airlines flights, as all customers who use Expedia and Orbitz won’t realize that American has pulled their listings.  Some will simply think that American is not flying that route, or that the flight was too expensive to show on the first page.

However, as time progresses, I expect American Airlines to be just fine, as they can offer more exclusive packages through their own website and save a sizable amount of fees in doing so.  I do expect that they begin to pull their listings from other websites, however if I were a travel comparison website, I would bend over backwards to accommodate these guys and charge a very nominal fee to include their flights.

In my opinion, Expedia and Orbitz made a big boo-boo in pushing back at American Airlines.  Not that I expect this to happen soon, but a chain reaction could occur where you see Continental, United, Delta and perhaps other airlines doing the same thing.  If American can show that this move was the right move, expect the chain reaction to happen quickly.  I mean, why pay someone else to sell your flights when you can do it just as effectively for a smaller cost?

So for now, anyone looking to book a flight online who wants to include American Airlines in their search will need to avoid Expedia or Orbitz and find another travel comparison website.  But even that could change in the next few months.

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  1. Very interesting – I didn’t hear about AA dropping out of those travel aggregators. I don’t visit individual airline sites because it’s a pain to go to each site, so I just use Travelocity, Expedia, etc. (I usually use 2 different search engines to see if the deals are comparable, which they usually are). I’ll have to be a little more careful from now on… 🙂

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