The 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps of 2010

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I hate paying for iPhone apps.  I know it doesn’t make much sense, but I reflexively think all my digital content should be free.  I even struggled to pay $.99 for the Angry Birds app—which I admit now, was well worth the cost.

My illogical loathing for paid apps led me to wonder, “What are the most expensive iPhone apps?”

I expected the price ceiling to fall well below $100.  I was dead wrong. The most expensive apps cost about ten times that price!

In case you have an extra thousand dollars lying around, I’ve put together a list of the ten most expensive iPhone apps for your spending pleasure.

1. iVIP Black ($999) –  Described as the “Millionaire’s App,” the company requires that you prove that you have assets and/or income in excess of £1 million.  That’s about $1.55 million.  iVIP Black gives you exclusive prices and access to luxury services like nightclubs, helicopters, and VIP lounges.  Peons like myself can download iVIP Red to see the full app, without receiving any of the membership benefits.

2. BarMax CA and BarMax NY ($999) – These apps do not give you exclusive access to bars, but rather help prepare you for the California or New York bar exams.  The huge 1 gigabyte app provides everything you need to prepare for the bar, including thousands of pages of study materials, hundreds of hours of audio lectures, practice tests, and flashcards.  This is one app that might actually pay for itself once you pass the bar.

3. MobiGage NDI ($999) – Useful for engineers, this app is used for the inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies.  It also creates, edits, and runs measurement plans, as well as automating the inspection processes.  MobiGage is described as a “mobile gauge” because it works by using a wireless connection to synch with any measurement device, from any location.

4. MortgagePRO ($999) – If you’re a real estate agent, loan officer, or just planning to buy a property, this app is for you.  MortgagePRO allows you to get the details on land or property on the go.  It can then run a number of different calculations to find out things like your projected monthly mortgage or the amount of interest you will pay.

5. iRa Pro ($899) – A steal at f$899, this app allows you view all your video surveillance cameras in the palm of your hand.  iRa Pro allows you to view six live video feeds at once, and use the touchscreen to pan or zoom.  Security guards around the world can finally lie comfortably in bed while performing their duties.

6. Intuition Control Solo WolfVision ($499) – With a name like that, I assumed this app would give me superpowers.  The app does allow you to easily control your WolfVision visualizer via your iPhone.  What exactly is a WolfVision visualizer?  It’s basically a very fancy computer camera used in tele-medicine, business meetings, and educational situations, among other scenarios.  The app allows you to remotely access the visualizer, zoom, freeze-frame, and e-mail images.

7. MATG SAP BusinessOne ($449) – MATG means My Account to Go, and it provides mobile access to SAP’s BusinessOne financial management system.  The app is designed to allow sales, marketing, and finance personnel to easily view customers, sales orders, statements, and warehouse information while away from the computer.

8. Sight Selector Premium ($449) – This app allows eye care professionals to visually demonstrate to patients various eye diseases, conditions, and treatments.  Patients can see 3D images and animated videos to better understand everything from cataracts to laser eye surgery.  This app might be useful for doctors who practice medicine in more remote areas without access to regular computers.

9. Luci Live ($399) – This app allows radio and television reporters and journalists to stream live HD audio to and from the studio.  For instance, a journalist could be on the sidelines at the Superbowl and use Luci Live to send clear, instant reporting and commentary back to the studio.  Giants like ABC, BBC, ESPN, and XM Satellite Radio all use the app.

10. Mona Lisa Secret ($399) – You can download this app for free, but for some mysterious reason there is a $399 version as well.  The app is basically a high-resolution image of the Mona Lisa that allows you to manipulate the picture by running your fingers across the touchscreen.  Feel free to purchase the $399 version and let us know the true secret behind the Mona Lisa.

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