Why You Should Buy Your Next Cell Phone From Amazon Wireless

Amazon WirelessWhen you think of getting your next cell phone, Amazon probably isn’t the first online destination that comes to mind. Well, it should be. I’ve been in the market for a new phone to replace my iPhone (more about that in another article). Having read review after review, I’ve chosen the Droid X from Verizon Wireless, which comes out in a few days. And here’s the kicker–I can get the Droid X from Amazon Wireless for less than I can if I buy directly from Verizon Wireless.

Amazon recently launched a beta version of Amazon Wireless. And as the Wall Street Journal reported, Amazon has been offering many smartphones for less than if you buy directly from the wireless carrier. The Droid X, for example, costs $199 after rebates from Verizon Wireless. Amazon Wireless offers it for $149, and you don’t have to hassle with filling out and sending in rebate forms:

Droid X from Amazon Wireless

To give you a better idea of the prices available from Amazon Wireless, here are some of its current deals on popular phones (click the image to go to Amazon Wireless for more information on each cell phone):

Samsung Captivate Android Phone

Samsung Captivate Android from Amazon Wireless

HTC Droid Incredible

Note that the Incredible is selling for $79.99 as of the date of this post.

HTC Droid Incredible from Amazon Wireless

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Phone

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Phone from Amazon Wireless

HTC Aria Android Phone

HTC Aria Android Phone from Amazon Wireless

The above phones are just a small sample of what Amazon Wireless offers. The cell phones include free 2-day shipping and a 30-day refund policy. I don’t know if Amazon Wireless plans to offer these deals forever, or if it’s just a way to promote the launch of the site. But I do know this–I’ll be buying my Android X from Amazon Wireless.

Published or Updated: June 12, 2013
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  1. lisa marino says:

    Are these new or refurbished phones?

    • DR says:

      Lisa, these are new phones, although they may also sell refurbished models. The Droid X that I’m going to buy isn’t even out until later this week.

  2. Patrick Buckley says:

    I’m on Verizon now. Service, etc. is fine. But, I’ve let my contract expire so I’m currently running month-to-month. If I buy one of these phone from Amazon, what kind of response am I going to get from Verizon personnel at their local store when I go to activate the phone? Will I be charged the $35 ‘activation’ or any other annoying add-on fees? Will they be inclined to coach me through some of the basic Droid set-ups and usage tips? If not, being a novice at these new smart-phones, can I get enough off smarts from either a) the user manual and/or, b) Droid user sites to get me up and running? Finally, given the just-announced affiliation between T-Mobile and Walmart for pre-paid phones, does Amazon sell any Droids that’ll work under their plans?

    • DR says:

      Partrick, all great questions. I assume you get just fine service from Verizon when you go to activate your phone. Verizon markets its phones through a number of distributors, so they should be use to folks activating phones that weren’t purchased directly from Verizon Wireless. As for the activation fee, your best bet is to call Verizon. As for prepaid plans, I seriously doubt that the Droid X is available on these plans.

  3. John says:

    Can I apply my company discounts after I get the phone?

    • DR says:

      John, that’s a great question, but I just don’ know. My suggestion would be to call Amazon Wireless.

      • Ashley says:

        Yes you can. I qualified for the 2 year upgrade, and waited for that point to get my phone. I bought it through Amazon Wireless (paid $79 for a droid X in Dec 2010). There is/was a problem with Verizon though. They updated my account to show my new phone, but it says I’m still eligible for an upgrade ??? (not complaining…)

        Anyways, I had already applied my company discount to my bill prior to my upgrade, and it was unaffected. I had the CSR add a data plan to my bill, and I experienced no problem with my company discount.

        Hope this helps.

  4. John says:

    My daughter was looking to get a new smartphone when this article came out. Your tip saved us $100 on the phone that she wanted. We activated her phone easily over the internet by logging into our account at http://www.verizonwireless.com. In less than 10 minutes, we were up and running on her new phone.

  5. John says:

    My daughter was looking to get a new smartphone when this article came out. Your tip saved us $100 on the phone that she wanted. We activated her phone easily over the internet by logging into our account at http://www.verizonwireless.com. In less than 10 minutes, we were up and running on her new phone.

    By the way, Verizon is having a promotion that saves $9.99 on your bill if you activate a new smartphone.

    • DR says:

      John, that’s terrific. And thanks for the tip on the Verizon promotion.

  6. Kathy says:

    I want to upgrade my phone and I have Sprint/Nextel. I’m apparently not eligible for the upgrade until August, 2011. Until then, they will only give me a $75 disc on the original price of the Samsung Epic of $500. In August, however, they will give me disc and rebates so that in the end the phone costs me $199.99. Amazonewireless has the phone for $179.99 and “says” I can put the service on my current Sprint plan (with the addition of the $10/month fee for the premium data plan which Sprint charges). My question is: IS it real? Can I really purchase this $500 phone from Amazon for $179 and still keep my existing Sprint account and plan????? I am soo afraid that something bad will happen and I’m completely disenchanted with my BB, as it’s currently back with the tech at Sprint, again. I hope you understand my question and apprehension about doing this. Thanks.

  7. jim oliver says:

    I just wonder, if there are any hidden charges on the bill, by going through amazon. For instance, when the iphone 3gs was introduced, it was $18 more/month than the iphone 3g. That is $432, over the 2 year agreement.

    • Keo says:

      Order number: 104-1683067-6353038
      Item: Galaxy s3 through amazon wireless

      Be aware that if ordering through Amazon wireless, you will be charged $250 if you don’t use the SIM card sent with the new product. I assumed that I could just pop in my old SIM card, and two months later I get a notice stating I was to be charged $250 for not using the provided SIM. Also, don’t even think about swapping out your SIM with another when using this service. They will know you are doing this, and look at it as a breach of contract and again charge $250. I think its better to just order the device directly from your carrier instead of messing with this extra service. Very bad experience with my purchase.

  8. alex says:

    When you buy the phone from amazon, does it come with the service contract, or do you have to change your verizon contract on the verizon website?

  9. Andy says:

    I have plans with ATT at a discounted rate from my company. I think the discount is 17% off monthly bill. I guess my question is that if i can apply that discount on amazon when renewing my plans through them? And the phones they have in their inventory will be international version or domestic? I know some phone have different specs when it comes to international versions. Like the recent Galaxy Note 2 that came out. The International version has a dual core chip while the ATT version has Quad core.

  10. Tracy says:

    How do I get my media and contacys transferred if I buy through amazon?

    • Rob Berger says:

      Tracy, it’s no different with Amazon Wireless than it is with any other phone. If you’ve downloaded all of that information to your SIM card, you should be able to transfer it to the new phone. Or you can upload all your information to the cloud.

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