The Jobs I’ve Had So Far Part 3: Working For My Dad

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I had started this series over at one of my other blogs, The Financial Blogger, where I discussed my very first job (working for my father-in-law at a dollar store). Funny enough, I ended that post by stating that I quit my job with my father-in-law after my first argument with him… and this is how I started working for my own father!

Driving a truck at the age of 16

My dad had (and still has) a bread delivery company. He hired me to deliver bread (hey, this is quite fitting for a guest post on the “Dough” Roller, isn’t it?) on Saturdays. We were delivering a huge amount of bread (about 1,400 units) to major grocery stores. I was only 16 and had just gotten my driver’s license a few months earlier, and still, my dad had complete trust in me.

What I learned working with my father

My father has always been self employed. And when you are self employed, every single move you make, every single task you accomplish, every single piece of bread you sell, it’s another buck in your own pocket.

This is where I learned the importance of a job done right and to be careful about everything I do. Sometimes, we tend to slack and skip a few steps. When you are working with your own money, every single mistake means less money in your pocket.

I also learned about the marvelous world of tax advantages reserved for the self employed and business owners. Since I was paid through my very first company, I was able to write off my gas and other car expenses (I was working in the distribution industry after all 😉 ). This is when I realized that spending money before paying taxes was the way to go and that I had to find other ways to do it in the future!

I truly enjoyed my experience with my father’s company and I worked for him for many years. I actually kept this sideline while completing my bachelor’s degree and a for a few years while working full time at a bank.

Being self employed is definitely more lucrative than working in a dollar store!

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