The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (The NFL Season is HERE Edition)

I must admit, few things can excite me in life like the beginning of another NFL season.  Sure there are occasions such as your wedding or the birth of a child that are certainly more important and memorable but in terms of cyclical things, the NFL is up there with birthdays and anniversary’s.

This year’s seasons shapes up for me with a lot of hope and expectations.  You see, I am a New York Jets fan and since I started following football (around 1995) I’ve been tormented.  Reaching the AFC championship game twice, and the playoffs frequently, I’ve come oh so close but yet am still so far away.  Even though I have no family members on the team, no monetary reason to care and live in Miami, I still find myself filled with emotions for three hours each and every Sunday.  I actually find it quite strange.

And so, in just four days, the NFL season will kick off on Thursday night in New Orleans where the Saints will begin their attempt for a repeat championship.  The Jets kick off the season on Monday night against the Ravens, who I suspect will cause a rough start to the season.  Good luck to whoever it is you’ll be rooting for this season as I hope you are Superbowl  runner ups! (NFC teams only, AFC Championship runner ups)

And now on to the best financial musings of the past week.

5 Tax Moves To Make Now @ US News: Even though tax season is a good quarter+ away, there are tax moves you can make right now to ensure when the season comes around, you’re well prepared.

When Companies Go Too Far @ Cash Money Life: I once ranted about how Comcast was a company I no longer wanted to do business with but as it turns out, there’s not a single internet or cable provider (including Dish Network and Direct TV) that can provide me service so I’m 100% stuck.  Ugh.

10 Signs Your 401(k) Plan is a Clunker @ The Street: Did you know that the reason your retirement plan is called a 401(k) has nothing to do with $401,000?  The IRS tax code for this retirement plan is simply 401(k) and rather than come up with something clever, the code just stuck.

Which Transaction is Faster for Small Purchases: Cash or Credit? @ The Consumerist: Speed is becoming more important to the American consumer and wouldn’t you like to know which payment methods can save you time?  It’s not as simple a calculation as you might think.

The 20 Richest People of All Time @ The Business Insider: An interesting look at who the wealthiest people have been throughout history.  No one has the kind of money people do these days but when you scale it down, you’d be surprised to see who made the list.

Do Your Kids Have Too Many Toys @ Frugal Dad: I guess this question depends on just how many toys your kids regularly play with.  You can bet though no matter what you take away, that’s the day your kids will want to play with it.

Hotel Alternatives: Save Money When Traveling @ Five Cent Nickel: We’re planning a trip to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights and rather than staying at an on-site hotel, we’re looking at the just as comfortable Days Inn for $35 a night.

Ignore Your Personal Finance Guru @ Lazy Man and Money: I suspect more gets written about Dave Ramsey these days in the personal finance space than anything else.  Even when the topic is to ignore him, we still talk about him!

And this past week, we participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

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