The Five Most Ticketed Automobiles

Last week, Forbes came out with an article on the five most ticketed automobiles. The study, conducted by Quality Planning, a San Francisco-based company that validates policyholder information for auto insurers looked at traffic violation data from February 2009 through February 2010.

Quality Planning then counted the number of violations racked up by different car models; to account for the difference in the number of cars on the road, they averaged the violation count per 100,000 miles driven. Vehicles that had been discontinued for more than 10 years were not included in the analysis.

The conclusion: foreign brands driven by middle-aged men had the highest incidence of traffic violations. According to Bob U’Ren, senior vice president at Quality Planning, “It’s the combination of the male driver driving the big old Hummer and a mid-life kind of person feeling good.”

Contrary to what one might think, 8 of the 10 least-ticketed cars are SUVs and minivans. Only one SUV (the Hummer H2) and two hatchbacks (the Scion xB and Volkswagen GTI) appear on the top 10, and no minivans or wagons.

U’Ren says that’s because drivers who carry multiple passengers, especially young passengers in car seats, significantly alter the way they drive. Luxury coupes and sedans dominate the list.

The Top Five

1. Mercedes-Benz SL-Class – The Mercedes Benz SL Class comes in at number one. A driver of this car is 4 times more likely to get a ticket. The following are some other interesting statistics:

  • Violations per 100,000 miles driven, as a percentage of average: 404%
  • Gender breakdown of drivers: 41% male, 59% female
  • Average driver age: 53

2. Toyota Camry – With a 62% chance you will find a female behind the wheel, the Toyota Camry is the surprise standout on the list with the average driver of this car 3.5 times more likely to get a ticket.

The Camry is not known for its “sex appeal,” however, according to U’Ren, there’s a large segment of Camry drivers who are proportionally disposed for violations including older women who are less likely to have kids in the car. This segment also includes the Solara coupe, a sportier version of the sedan.

3. Scion Tc – Drivers of this car are 3.4 times more likely to get a ticket. The average driver’s age is 30, attracting a younger audience. The Scion Tc is an automobile manufactured and sold by Scion, a division of Toyota, and was introduced in June of 2004. According to the survey, this car is primarily driven by females with a 61% to 39% female to male ratio.

4. Hummer H2 – This SUV is large and in charge with minimum room for 6 people. Make sure you can find parking!  With a predominately male “following” at 73%, drivers of the H2 are 2.9 times as likely to receive a ticket. Additionally, the average driver age is 46 and violations per 100,000 miles driven, as a percentage of the average is 292%.

5. Scion xB – The second car manufactured by Scion on the list, drivers of this compact square-shaped hatchback are 3.4 times more likely to get a ticket. The average age of a driver of this car is 37 years old and has a 40% to 60% male to female gender breakdown.

If you decide to drive any of these automobiles, make sure you do so responsibly. Tickets will cost you an immediate amount of cash, in addition to the increase in auto insurance you’re likely to receive.

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  1. This statistics make me wonder why car insurance rates are lower for women than they are for men. Maybe speeding doesn’t have a connection to proneness of accidents. But then I have to wonder why insurance rates increase with the amount of speeding tickets you get. There got to be some method to this madness….

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