The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (Why is Netflix Advertising for Blockbuster Edition)

We’ve been covering the Netflix / Blockbuster saga pretty extensively over the last few months.  If you’ve been following along, it would appear, at least on the surface, that Blockbuster is making strides to be more competitive.  First, they introduced the in-store exchange system that allows customers to turn in their rentals by mail for DVD’s in brick-and-mortar locations.  Then, Blockbuster made deals with Warner Brothers, Sony and Fox studios which allows them to rent out DVD’s 28 days sooner than Netflix can.  Nearly half of all DVD rentals will be released from one of these three studios so if you want to rent them when the come out, it has to be through Blockbuster.

It seems that what Blockbuster lacks in technology and innovation, they make up for with uniqueness that only they can provide.  Netflix is usually the one developing  streaming and online performance ideas while Blockbuster is still working out the kinks to stabilize their brick and mortar locations.  Sometimes in business, it’s not about who comes up with an idea first, it’s about who can develop that idea the best.  Luckily for Blockbuster, the jury is still out.

Strangely enough, I feel that Blockbuster will ride out this debt crisis they are in and find a way to turn things around.  My current Netflix subscription seems to like Blockbuster too, because I received a new movie in the mail a few days ago, with this image on the reverse side of my return Netflix envelop.

As all current Netflix subscribers already know, you can’t rent Avatar through Netflix until May 20th.  It’s interesting to see Netflix advertising a movie like Avatar before they are able to rent it out.  It just goes to show you that when it comes to business, money talks and common sense can sometimes walk.

With that out of the way, let’s chat about the best money articles from this past week.

Blendec Total Blender Obliterates an iPad @ Money Funk: I once threw my Compaq laptop off of the balcony of my college apartment to see what would happen to it.  Well, as expected, it shattered to pieces but I did find a regular 8×11 piece of paper behind the screen.  So strange but this video puts my experiment to shame!

How To Calculate Your Mortgage Payment for a Refinance or Purchase @PT Money: It’s actually a lot simpler than you might think and the added benefit is if every calculator in the world breaks at the same time, you’ll be just a little but smarter than everyone else.

How To Tap Your IRA With No Penalty @ Good Financial Cents: One day, I hope to be able to put money towards a retirement account.  Articles like this will help me maximize my retirement, if I ever make it that far.

The List of Jobs I’d Do For Free Baby @ Financial Samurai: I agree with all but one on this list. Being the President of the United States is not for me and kudos to the next 10 or so in my lifetime.  A thankless job until your out of office.

10 Ways to Pay Nothing for Rent @ Money Saving Blog: The most obvious of ways is not mentioned on this list but I think we all know what I’m driving at.

How I Survived Two Armed Robberies (And How You Can Too) @ Len Penzo: Some very scary stuff here and to survive one is a blessing.  Two, and you’re one of the luckiest and unluckiest people I’ll ever know.

Frugal Ideas for a Home Based Vacation @ Not Made of Money: Living in such a large city like Miami, I never thought about taking a vacation right out of my own apartment.  I doubt my employers would give me the time off though. 🙁

And this past week, we also participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

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3 Responses to “The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (Why is Netflix Advertising for Blockbuster Edition)”

  1. Must see Avatar via 3-D. Awesome experience. As for movies being available for rent thru Netflix, Redbox, iTunes and ordering online through your cable channel… its making it very tough for brick and mortar shops to stay alive. I know we are seeing quite a few Hollywood Videos going out of business. Times are changing.

    An 8 x 11 piece of paper behind the screen? Wonder why? Odd. As Jeremy says in his comment to that post, it was a great marketing strategy. Especially considering the iPad and Blendtech costs the same in price. Thank you for including me in your link up. 🙂

  2. Vious

    Netflix far and away is the better option now but I agree that if Blockbuster can re-do their online options AND expand a library, they can over-take Netflix

    The only issue I have with Netflix is that they do not expand their library enough to warrant someone CONTINUING to keep a subscription with the month-to-month

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