The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (Spain Wins the 2010 World Cup Edition)

After 62 World Cup matches, Spain and The Netherlands battled it out to see who would win their first ever World Cup.  After an extremely terrible first half, both teams opened it up a bit in the second half and had numerous chances to end the game in regulation.  Yellow card after yellow card was given, and in the 117th minute, Spain finally cashed in.  Summary aside, there are a couple of things everyone will remember about this year’s World Cup.

First, there’s the vuvuzela.  A lot of people can’t stand the noise this plastic horn makes but I personally love ’em.  I think Africa did a great job in hosting the World Cup this year and without any major incidents, it was a major success.  Vuvuzelas are available for $6 on eBay, so if you’re looking to make an instant impact at work or at home, (probably a negative impact) you should buy one.

Second, we were reminded that the United States just isn’t quite ready for a serious run.  They certainly played well enough in the group stage but with their loss to Ghana and England’s awful loss to Germany, the US probably landed in the weakest World Cup group.  With a little more strength in the back and four more years to develop the MLS, the United States might be able to make the quarterfinals in Brazil.

Finally, while officiating was constantly under criticism, I can honestly say that the right team won every single time.  Yes the US goal should have stood and yes, England could have tied the match at two and yes, Argentina was given a goal that was clearly off-sides but the right team advanced every single time.  Human error happens in officiating and while it stinks, I like the current system.  With a goal-line camera of course.

Let’s shoot on over to the best money articles of the past week.

The Burglar Jamboree : Nine Ways To Protect Yourself @ Funny About Money: Theft happens every minute of every day and the better protected your family and home are, the more a burglar will reconsider visiting your residence.

Why I Procrastinate and What To Do About Overcoming It @ Saving To Invest: Procrastinating is my number one problem when it comes to money AND work but I’m good at it.  Hoping there will be a day when I rid myself of this problem and this article is the first step in the right direction.

Avoid These Seven Cash Back Credit Card Traps @ US News: Cash back credit cards are certainly coming around this summer, offering bonuses and a variety of other perks but after the initial allure, make sure you don’t fall into these traps.

Time is Money – What Are We Spending It On? @ Fiscal Geek: No matter what anyone tells you, they can’t give you more time so be sure to make time count when you can.

Multitasking Doesn’t Work @ Planting Dollars: While this is a pretty broad statement, I think the overall message is solid.  Sometimes you do more harm than good trying to work to many things at the same time.

Should Married Couples Divide Their Money? @ Bible Money Matters: Marriage these days is becoming a lot more complicated and I think suggesting a split money system already starts in the wrong direction.  Trust is something you’re going to need every day of your marriage so think twice about this one.

I am An Eat-Out-Aholic @ Cash Money Life: I can’t imagine spending $1,500 a month on food between two people.  I couldn’t even imagine that for five people but as long as your finances are in order, I suppose one hobby or pleasure is no different than another.

Save Money by Buying on Specific Days of the Week @ Free Money Finance: I had no idea that certain days allowed for certain discounts but based on the list, there’s a substantial amount of savings available.

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