The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (Hurricane Season is Officially Underway Edition)

I live in Miami, FL, so hurricane season means more to me than most people.  When I was going to school at the University of Miami, I remember being hit with two hurricanes in the same season, causing the school to close for two weeks.  Outside of the occasional hurricane party, the event of a hurricane is just terrible, causing enormous amounts of damage and thousands of hours without basic utilities.

Tropical Storm Alex is currently making it’s way through Central America and seems pinned to hit Mexico as a hurricane.  With efforts continuing in the Gulf of Mexico to clean up and contain the massive BP oil spill, any tropical depression, tropical storm or hurricane that threatens the Gulf could increase the devastation for Gulf residents.  Here’s hoping that we have the mildest hurricane season to date in 2010.

Now let’s take a look at the best finance articles from this past week.

Five Reason People Fail to Become Wealthy @ Moolanomy: You won’t find many people more “risky” than I.  Sometimes my risks turn into rewards and other times, well, they don’t but I NEVER risk more than I can afford to lose.  Gambling has taught me well I suppose.

How Exchanging Foreign Currency Can Affect Your Vacation @ We The Savers: The US economy is surprisingly stable against others and the dollar is gaining ground on the Euro.  Before you plan a foreign trip, you’ll need to make sure you understand just how foreign currency exchange works.

5 Good Things Your Money Can Do … For Others @ PT Money: One of the things I wish I had more time for in life is doing charitable work but even if I can’t find the time, I can always make a donation.

Is It Better To Buy or Rent? @ Moolanomy: While both have their advantages, my current situation certainly adds to the “rent” side of the equation.  However, once I’m in a position to own a first home, I think buying is the way to go.

8 Critical Steps Every Family Should Be Taking To Prepare for the Next Financial Crisis @ Frugal Dad: I just learned that my mother is buying pure silver bricks in excess of 10 pounds every month.  I doubt you’ll find that point on Frugal Dad’s list!

How Much Liquidity Do You Want? @ My Journey To Millions: Always remember, the more liquid your assets are, the lower your rate of return probably is.  You’ll need a good balance between liquid and long-term to prepare yourself for any future financial hurdles.

Caretaking as a Career Option  -What’s In It For You? @ Gen X Finance: While I immediately think of cemetery’s when I hear the word caretaker, there are many other jobs you might not think of that pay a fairly decent salary.

And this past week, we participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance, Stock Carnival Ecstasy, Road to Financial Independence Carnival and Carnival of Money Stories.

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