Number 9, Number 9–Carnival of Money, Growth and Happiness

The 9th edition of the Carnival of Money, Growth and Happiness is available at Credit Card Lowdown. Lowdown included my article on Stocks v. Bonds, which is part of the series on Asset Allocation. Thanks, Lowdown! Here are some other articles in the carnival that I thought were particularly interesting:

  • Why Invest in Stocks @ The Mad Money Analyst: This article is a good reminder of why we should invest in stocks.
  • 10 Financial Questions to Ask Before You Say “I Do” @ BBB Consumer Education: My wife and I never discussed finances before we got married. Of course, we were young and had no money. But I wouldn’t recommend this approach. This article discusses some of the questions you should ask before getting hitched. By the way, on question #3 about whether to combine finances, if you can’t trust each other with the money, why are you getting married?
  • Investing–Gold Shares–The Leverage Factor @ Personal Investing Advice: If you’re interested in investing in gold, buying gold isn’t your only option, as this article explains.
  • You Are in Financial Trouble If…@ Life of a Resident Alien: Always good to know when you’re in trouble.

Happy reading!

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