The DoughRoller Weekly Roundup (Santa Claus Edition)

CB101495With Santa getting ready to make an appearance at every child’s home in a couple of days, I thought it would be neat to briefly discuss how financially, Santa took it on the chin this year.

First, he lives in the North Pole.  Considering how the housing bubble burst, I’m certain the value of his workshop significantly decreased.   The location isn’t that great either, so Santa might want to consider moving somewhere warmer next year.

Second, small businesses took quite a tumble this year and Santa had to most certainly lay off a few of his elves.  If you think you are having a hard time finding work, how do you think elves that make toys are doing?

Finally, it was bad news for Santa when Dasher and Blitzen came down with swine flu.  Making sure that none of his other reindeer or workers were infected, Santa had to shell out for inoculations.  Luckily, Mrs. Claus earned some extra money this year shoveling snow, and their emergency fund was able to cover the bill.

Happily, just like the rest of us, Santa persevered through a tough 2009!

Let’s leap into the greatest financial articles of the week!

6 Advantages of Renting Instead of Buying Your Home @ Cash Money Life: If you’re uneasy with plans for the rest of your life, you should definitely consider reading into this.

Here’s Hoping the Olympics Don’t Make it to Your Town @ Weakonomics: Such wonderful insight, I don’t think I could have wriiten it any better myself.  Oh, wait.

Market Set to Head Lower? A Technical Look @ Market Folly: I don’t like the sound of that.  SELL, SELL, SELL while there’s still time!

Why Checks Will Disappear @ Money Under 30: I admit, I am one of the very few that still use checks as an everyday payment method.  Let’s hope for my sake, that this doesn’t happen until I’m dead.

Christmas is December 25th – EVERY YEAR! @ Suburban Dollar: It’s not like Thanksgiving people, where it just falls on a random Thursday.  Groundbreaking post I tell you what.

Bankruptcy – A Solution, A Cop-Out Or An Enabler? @ Enemy of Debt: With a mountain of student loans in front of me, I’ve often wondered if I would be lucky enough to have some forgiven in a bankruptcy filing.  Probably not.

Is Investing Without Goals like Golfing Without a Putter? @ Lazy Man and Money: Have you ever tried golfing without a putter?  If you haven’t, I suggest watching the movie “Tin Cup”.  It’s a synch!

And here are some personal finance carnivals of the past week: Carnival of Personal Finance #235: The Cinderella Edition and Money Hacks Carnival XCV – The “Tiger Woods We Hardly Knew Ye” Edition.

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