Welcome to the Carnival of Money Stories

It’s once again time for the Carnival of Money Stories. If you are new to carnivals, they are simply a collection of blog articles around a certain theme. As you may have guessed, the Carnival of Money Stories is about our life experiences with money. Below you’ll find my editor’s picks, followed by other great submissions this week. Enjoy!

Editor’s Picks

debt kid presents Jessica’s Top 10 Money Mistakes posted at DebtKid. Why learn from your mistakes when you can learn from somebody else’s? I confess I’ve made a few of these myself.

CJ Bowker presents How many doors do you have open? posted at The Life of an Insurance Salesman, saying, “Without realizing it, people’s aversion to loss might be affecting their business and personal lives. People don’t want to loose any opportunities, they don’t want to let doors close. In fact, they will keep a door open even if it hurts or becomes detrimental to other doors in their lives. Sometimes it might just be better to close a few doors.” Or to put it another way, do you find that “one thing” that gives your life meaning, and go all in?

Connie Prater presents What does Dodd departure mean for credit card and financial reform? posted at blogs.creditcards.com. Some thoughtful analysis Senator Dodd’s announcement that he won’t run for reelection.

J. Savings presents 6 Ways to Knock Out Creditors. posted at Budgets are Sexy., saying, “Advice for anyone being harassed by credit card companies!” This is a nice reminder that we do have rights when it comes to creditors. Make sure you know what they are!

Evolution Of Wealth presents Cash Is Clementines!?! posted at Evolution of Wealth, saying, “For the average person that has a problem with debt cash makes sense. For the rest of use, cash will only slow us down. Cash is not king. Focus instead on the power of LUC (liquidity, use and control).”


Jeff Rose presents Best Retirement Plan For Small Businesses posted at Jeff Rose, saying, “When I started my new business I had decisions to make on what retirement plan to choose.” As somebody who is about to open an SEP IRA, this article was very timely.

Baker presents I’m Gonna Kick Some Major Ass in 2010… Bet on it. posted at Man Vs. Debt, saying, “An update on my plans to increase my income, build my business, and pay down my debt in 2010. It a tough road, but I’m about to kick some ass!” Simply inspiring.

Career & Education

Kenrick Chatman presents How to Secure Your Career and Future posted at Career Catalyst, saying, “Learn about the essentials like social networking and a precise demonstration of expertise that can help secure your career and future. Get further informed on how to enhance your skill-sets for marketability purposes.”

Emily Moser presents 97 Ways to Save Money in College posted at MRI Technician Schools. Saving money any time is important, but it’s particularly important in college.

Credit & Debt

Big Cajun Man presents Personal Finance Resolutions for the New Year? posted at Canadian Personal Finance Blog, saying, “Some useful resolutions with some tweeks from me.”

Adam presents Debt Update: December 31, 2009 posted at Your Money Relationship, saying, “Check out the amount of debt we paid off in December!”

Emily Simmons presents How to Do a Debt Snowball posted at Be In Health Now, saying, “Who resolved to get out debt this year? This post on how to do a debt snowball should help.”

Bucksome presents An Offer I Could Refuse posted at Buck$ome Boomer’s Journey to Retirement, saying, “Two days after paying off the car, the dealership called with an offer. Read how it turned out.”

PT presents Should Companies Teach Their Employees the Basics of Personal Finance? posted at Prime Time Money.


vh presents Mortgage loan modification strategy posted at Funny about Money, saying, “My favorite spy at the credit union tells me that because I’ve been laid off my job, we have a shot at getting our mortgage payments reduced, at least for a while.”

Billeater presents Good Neighbor Next Door – Buy a Home at Half Price posted at Billeater. This is for real folks, but only if you are a school teacher, police officer, or firefighter. The homes are HUD foreclosures. Having purchased several HUD homes as investments, it’s really a great place to look for homes, whether you qualify for this deal or not. And even though they are foreclosures, many of the homes are in great shape.


Evolution Of Wealth presents Financial Strength of Insurance Companies posted at Evolution of Wealth, saying, “In a pile of misinformation, financial strength of an insurance company has to be included. The reason here is that most people don’t understand nor are they ever properly explained how to accurately measure the financial strength of these companies. Most of the time the average consumer isn’t given all of the information so hopefully this will help you with your value decisions.”


Tabitha Mcivers presents Definitive Guide To Water ETFs posted at ETFdb. Yes, you read the title of this article correctly. You can invest in water!

Lovelymary presents 100 Inspiring Personal Finance Posts for the New Year posted at Accounting Degree.com.

MDP presents Prosper Versus Lending Club posted at My Dollar Plan.

Joe Plemon presents Are You Eating Your Retirement? posted at Personal Finance By The Book, saying, “When looking for ways to fund your retirement, the answer could be on your dinner plate…you could be eating it.”

Patrick @ Military Money presents Should You Rollover Your TSP Account Into an IRA? posted at Military Finance Network, saying, “How to roll over a 401k or the Thrift Savings Plan (government version on a 401k) into an Individual Retirement Plan.”

Darwin presents Dogs of the Dow Stock Trade is Dead – Don’t Fall for the Hype posted at Darwin’s Finance, saying, “Don’t fall for the Dogs of the Dow hype this year. It doesn’t work – here’s why.”

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Saving For Retirement? Best Move For Your Retirement Plan posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”

The Smarter Wallet presents A 529 College Savings Plan As A Child’s Gift posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Investing for my niece’s future.”

Personal Finance

Kathleen Gaga presents Would your life change if you won millions of dollars? posted at Daily Awareness, saying, “What really happens when someone wins the lottery but is not emotionally or spiritually ready? Often, great loss and unhappiness follow a great win. Find out how to avoid this from happening to you.”

The Amateur Financier presents Looking Back on 2009 posted at The Amateur Financier, saying, “The story of my life this past year, with all the ups and downs I faced with gaining and losing jobs, starting a blog, and trying to organize my finances.”

Lynnae presents Do It Yourself Frugality posted at beingfrugal.net, saying, “By stretching myself and having the courage to try something new, I saved a lot of money, and I learned a new skill in the process.”

jim presents SmartyPig Review posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Sun presents Resolving to Save Money posted at The Sun’s Financial Diary.

April presents 10 Steps to Financial Success in 2010 posted at Get Rich Slowly, saying, “If one of your goals for 2010 is to take control of your finances, this crash course in financial basics can help guide the way. Here are ten simple but effective steps you can take to build a better financial future.”

Wenchypoo presents Another Light Bulb Moment–This Time, It’s Taxes posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket, saying, “Speaking of dough rolling, here is a method of legal tax avoidance that homemakers can get in on.”

Mrs. Accountability presents Once Upon a Time I Bought a Lemon of a Car posted at Out of Debt Again, saying, “Once upon a time I bought a used car that was a total lemon. Here is my story of what happened.”

Miss M presents A Money Saving Wedding Idea in Action posted at M is for Money.

David de Souza presents Make Checking Your Tax Code Your New Year’s Resolution posted at UK Tax Blog, saying, “A profitable New Year resolution should be to check your tax code and get it corrected before the end of the tax year.”


FMF presents Free Money Finance: What a Rip Off posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “The story of how one of our friends got ripped off.”

CPF presents Infomercial Impulse Buying – A mistake posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, “This is a story of how an impulsive shopping moment turned out to be a bit of a mistake…”

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents Save Money Buying Prescription Glasses or Contacts Online posted at Cash Money Life, saying, “You can save a bundle buy purchasing eyewear online. Here is what you need to know – from getting your prescription, choosing an online store, and more.”


Thursday Bram presents Straight From the CPA: Freelancers Need Credit Cards posted at thursdaybram.com.

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  1. Read the article on mall business retirement plans, which was informative. I went with the Solo 401k because it had the potential to allow me to put the most away – if I get my income there anyway. 😉

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