The DoughRoller Weekly Roundup ( Edition), a personal finance website that allows you to manage your money more effectively, has recently launched a new feature that can help users set and meet their financial goals.  The online fundraising tool allows family and friends to directly contribute money through Paypal and/or Amazon into one centralized location which should eliminate any problems you have with collecting funds from multiple sources.

With so many money managing tools out there, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to come up with new ideas but I think Budget Pulse has done an admiral job here.  Donations, charitable contributions and school fundraisers can be a big headache, especially when you’re the one in charge so if you find yourself managing these good deeds, you should definitely have a look at Budget Pulse.

Plenty of good money articles this week.  Let’s take the plunge.

What You Need to Know About Open Enrollment: Health Insurance Options @ Cash Money Life: Regardless of how far the new health plan makes it in Congress, you’re current options are well explained by Cash Money.

Coinstar Promo: Get $10 More With $40 in Coins @ My Money Blog: Limit one per person, address or household. Even after you take out the Coinstar fee, you can really clean up on this if you have a lot of family and friends!

Amusing Ticker Symbols @ PT Money: Good thing there aren’t many four letter ticker symbols out there, or this could get ugly.

10 Things Your Baby Doesn’t Need That Can Fund Their College Education @ Fiscal Geek: By the looks of my baby videos, my parents were successfully able to triple this number but I digress …

Is Technical Analysis Profitable @ The Oblivious Investor: Using the past to predict the future in stocks sounds like a nice theory but I’m not convinced.

$7,000 We’ll Never Get Back @ Clever Dude: Many don’t realize that the cost of a pool is more than simply installing it however $7k is quite the unexpected cost.

Top 15 Ways to Save Money on Heating Your House @ Canadian Finance Blog: Depending on how you heat your house, cold winters can cost thousands.  A must read for anyone that sees snow.

What Is Money? – Nichomachean Ethics @ Mrs Micah: I wonder if Aristotle would have put his money in a long term CD, or invested it in the stock market if given the chance?

There were also some great personal finance carnivals this past week worth checking out: Carnival of Money Stories, Carnival of Financial Planning, and Carnival of Personal Finance #230.

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