The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (Be Sure to Vote Next Tuesday Edition)

On Tuesday, November 2nd, elections throughout the country will be held to determine seats in Congress, governors of state and many other political positions.  Even if you’re not enamored with any of your state’s candidates, I urge you to vote for the candidate you feel best fit to succeed in office.  Voting continues to be one of the great signs of democracy in our country.  Make sure you take advantage and avoid throwing away your vote.

Now, in my state of Florida, the major election is between Democrat Alex Sink (female) and Republican Rick Scott for governor.  While I’m a big fan of voting and the electoral process, the one thing I truly can’t stand is the advertising, which begins roughly six months before hand.  Commercial after commercial, most of which are negative just wares me down to the point where I kind of hate both candidates!  Be that as it may, I will be voting at the polls November 2nd, and I hope to see you there!

Now let’s discuss the best money articles from this past week!

Five Unique Ways to Save on Dry Cleaning @ Money Crashers: I’ve never been fortunate enough to wear clothes on a daily basis that need to be dry-cleaned but I’m sure if I did, these five ways to save money on my dry cleaning would come in handy.

Frightfully Fun Halloween Cupcakes @ Squawk Fox: If you haven’t been watching your AMC channel, you still have 8 days of non stop horror movies.  Pretty sure it cannot be argued that horror is the best movie genre there is but I’ll entertain arguments anyway.

College: Is It a Complete Waste of Time? @ Invest it Wisely: For me, college was nothing more than a debt trap where I attained a degree I currently don’t use.  So to some, it can be even worse than just a waste of time but I have to accept 100% of the blame for my situation.  College should be extremely valuable to most.

How To Document Your Assets for Insurance Purposes @ Not Made of Money: If you have homeowners insurance and something should happen, this document can be the difference between a fast insurance check and an extremely slow one.  Just make sure you don’t keep it in the house!

How To Not Piss Off Everyone Else Waiting for the ATM @ Realm of Prosperity: I’ve been on both ends of this spectrum and both sides are not pleasant.  Make sure to keep your emotions hidden if you’re waiting for a slow poke … because that can only make the situation worse.

How To Prepare for a Power Loss @ The Greenest Dollar: Growing up in NJ allowed me ample opportunities to light candles.  We frequently were without power during a rain storm and even though I hated not having some sort of cooling device available during the summer, the time without TV was actually pretty nice.

Eat Healthier by Leaving Your Credit Cards at Home @ The Consumerist: Interesting study here about the link between impulse purchases.  If you don’t have credit cards with you while you travel, you can’t buy that quarter-pounder you probably don’t want anyway.  At the same time, for emergency purposes, credit cards are invaluable.

The Worst Office Perks – Tying in the previous article, when I worked at McDonald’s, I took advantage.  Not only was I receiving a hefty $7.25 an hour, I was also cashing in on one or two highly nutritious meals a day.  I did my best to rotate meals but that got old quickly.  I was reduced to dunking lettuce into barbecue sauce for a quick pick me up!

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