The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (364 Days Until Christmas Edition)

Well ladies and gentlemen, today is the first day after Christmas, meaning that we have to wait another 364 days before Santa comes back and delivers gifts to all the boys and girls in 2011.  While many might consider today to be a downer, it’s another day to spend time with your friends and family before Monday brings about another work week.

Now, for those who are financially savvy, today and the rest of next week should present a few unique opportunities to save money during your Christmas shopping next year.  While technology purchases would make very little sense now (as technology will advance and the prices are always cheaper the longer you wait), bargain shoppers can take advantage of discounted Christmas cards, discounted wrapping paper and almost any type of Christmas decoration you can think of.

So this December 26th, instead of spending the day watching football or dreading the new work week, take more time and spend it with loved ones, or go out and find some amazing deals that will save you a lot of money on next year’s Christmas.  Why be merry and jolly for just one day?

And now to our favorite money articles from this past week:

Losing a Tooth the Hard Way @ The Centsible Life: Can you believe that when I was growing up, my mother use to pull my teeth out, using a handkerchief and a pair of pliers?  It’s not as bad as it sounds but man was I scared of those pliers!

Retiring at 65 Isn’t Supposed to be Easy @ The Oblivious Investor: With the recent changes to social security payment in 2011, retiring at 65 and collecting social security may not be in the cards for anyone my age.

How Long Should You Keep Financial Documents @ The Military Wallet: I have trouble throwing away anything, so I keep my financial documents for 10+ years, including some pretty strange receipts.

Top 10 Paying Freelance Jobs @ PT Money: If you find yourself with extra time, you have a unique opportunity to secure your financial future with greater ease.  Check out this list of top freelance jobs, a few of which I take advantage of.

Do Men Prefer Women Who Make Less Money Than They Do @ Fabulously Broke in the City: While I never thought about this, I suppose most men would prefer to make more than their spouse.  That said, having the reverse situation can’t be all that bad.

Keeping Children Busy During Christmas Break @ Personal Dividends: Depending on your school system, Christmas break usually lasts a week to 10 days for kids.  If you can’t put them to work outside, you may have to put them to work inside.

What I am Doing with My Unexpected Bonus @ My Journey To Millions: If I were ever to receive an unexpected windfall, or bonus for that matter, it would go straight to the debt clock.  Super boring, but super satisfying for the planner I’ve become.

Home Improvements That Will Lower Your Insurance Rates @ Passive Family Income: Home insurance rates aren’t too pricey these days but a few quick fixes and even a few long term updates can decrease your rates even more.

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