The 279th Carnival of Personal Finance – 80’s Music Lives On Edition

Growing up primarily in the 90’s, I was accustomed to turning on the radio and listening to bands named N’Sync, Ace of Base, and Hootie and the Blowfish.  Now some of you may think that childhood was no picnic, but there were few things I dreaded more than the two hour car ride to the beach, listening to this crap.  That meant four hours, where “I saw the sign” could be heard three or four times.  I still shiver thinking about those days.

Thankfully, I have a large family, made up of aunts and uncles that were growing up in the 80’s and I was introduced to real music.  And if you’re thinking I’m limited to one decade, the 70’s and 60’s will do just fine too.  There’s just something about 80’s music and 80’s videos that set’s that decade apart from the rest.  The lyrics actually made sense and could be understood and the performances were based on vocals and talent, not looks and effects.

So this carnival of personal finance, we’re going to run through some of the best 80’s songs and videos.  This article would be 100,000 words if done properly, but I’ve shortened it just a bit.  Enjoy!

Journey – Separate Ways

The first (and probably best) video on our 80’s list comes from Steve Perry and Journey.  Separate Ways always brings a smile to my face and I’m sure if you watch it, it will do the same for you.  Look at that sideways keyboard play.  Notice the mole on Steve Perry’s close up.  Watch that girl walk like she’s never walked before.  The highlights just keep coming!  So with our favorite 80’s video, let’s look at my favorite picks for this weeks carnival of personal finance.

Heart – Alone

Now that you know who my favorite male vocalist of all time is, you should know that my favorite female vocalist is Ann Wilson.  Even today, Ann can belt a note like no other.  The band Heart was well known for the allure of the Wilson sisters as well as their rock ballad hits like “Barracuda”, “Crazy on You” and “Never” but this particular video will always be my favorite.  I wonder if I could get away with wearing a black trench-coat everyday?  Where can I even buy a black trench-coat?   Anyway, here are our credit card themed articles for this week:

Lionel Richie – Hello

There are people that know how to properly say hello, and then there’s Lionel Richie.  I’ve watched this music video a hundred times, never quite understanding why this man moves his body forward every time he says hello (most notably at the 1:23 mark).  “Hello” is a video about a professor who is in love with one of his students, who happens to be blind.  The song itself has done a fantastic job surviving the times and when you watch the music video, you can’t help but be enthralled by Tony Billy Boy and his chances, now that he’s out of prison.  Moving along, here are our best investing articles:

Cameo – Word Up

Yo pretty ladies, around the world, you’ve got to love this song and video by Cameo.  If you haven’t heard of Cameo outside of this one song, you’re not alone because I haven’t either.  There’s a pretty good sax solo about 3 minutes in (only lasts for a few seconds)  and if you find yourself having to do your dance, do your dance, do your dance quickly, just make sure you do it alone.  Some people might get the wrong impression.  Filling your need for the best Real Estate articles, I’ve added the following:

Golden Earring – Twilight Zone

Everyone knows the black and white Twilight Zone TV series but few know the 1982 Golden Earring hit.  The music video isn’t quite as good as the song itself, but if you’re looking for a literal music video, this is the one for you.  Every word spoken matches the visual and like many 1980’s classics, this group wasn’t American.  If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much and Golden Earring would agree with you.  Are you up for talking about debt, because I am!

Duran Duran – Ordinary World

If you were a teen girl in the 80’s, I bet you knew who Simon Le Bon was.  Probably ranking second on my greatest vocalists of all time list, Simon and Duran Duran is most well know for hits like “Rio” and “Hungry Like the Wolf.”  For me however, it’s all about “Ordinary World” and “Come Undone”.  While Duran Duran was a sensation in the 80’s it’s actually this 1995 video I’ve shared with you because how often do you get to see a rock singer paired with the greatest opera singer of all time.  The late and great Pavarotti is singing (in Italian) with Simon and the two of them take an Ordinary World and make it extraordinary. What I wouldn’t give to be in Italy watching these two perform.  With youth and experience all in one, let’s dive into retirement, family and student finances.

Foreigner – That Was Yesterday

If there was song that I could relate to personal finance, it would be this one.  Lou Gramm sums it up best when he says that was yesterday and today life goes on.  Reliving your mistakes over and over is going to lead to a life of doom and gloom.  You won’t find him in yesterday’s world, because yesterday’s gone.

Now, the video isn’t up to the standards that the previous videos on this list are (IMHO) but I’ve tried to play a tambourine for four minutes straight, and I just can’t do it.  Sadly, if you go see Foreigner in concert these days, Lou Gramm isn’t there.  So goes the tragedy of great 80’s groups … Steve Perry, Denis DeYoung, Lou Gramm … all gone.  Time to brighten up spirits with frugality articles!

REO Speedwagon – That Ain’t Love

REO Speewagon is loaded with a ton of hits like “I Can’t Fight This Feeling” and “Take it on the Run” and although you may never have heard of this song,  I assure you it’s a goody.  REO Speedwagon is actually the only private concert I’ve ever been to, and boy does Kevin Cronin still put on a show!  I could do without the belly shirt next time, especially since there were only about 100 people there and everyone had a good seat but it was a small price to pay.  Man can that guy work a grand piano.

Pay close attention to this video, as you may never see anything like it again.  Gongs have been outlawed in most countries and I haven’t seen one of those strobe globe thingies in a long time.  One of the later songs REO Speedwagon produced, “That Ain’t Love” was introduced in 1987.  Let’s go nuts with some more random PF articles shall we?

Madonna – Like a Prayer

The 80’s wouldn’t be complete without Madonna would it? The most controversial singer of the decade (and that says a lot with someone like George Michael in the group) Madonna has #1 after #1 hit to her name and my personal favorite is Like a Prayer.

When Madonna tells the choir to sing, you better believe the Choir sings.  Rounding out this weeks list of awesome personal finance articles, we have:

And that ladies and gentleman, sums up this round of the Carnival of Personal Finance.  You may be thinking to yourself where are the guys like Michael Jackson or Jon Bon Jovi (I’m from Jersey) but everyone knows those guys.  My goal was to give you some of the lesser known 80’s music that you may not have heard of.  And before you go, I’d like to leave you with a 10th music video, courtesy of Mr. Eddy Money.  Even though it looks like his face is paralyzed, I assure you he is singing this song.  Enjoy!

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15 Responses to “The 279th Carnival of Personal Finance – 80’s Music Lives On Edition”

  1. Thanks for selecting my post as a favorite pick! Now, with that said, “Hello” from Lionel Ritchie, a.k.a. the stalker song was one of THE best of the 80′s hands down. Although, I will admit to secretly being a Madonna fan back then, and not so secretly lusting after the Duran Duran boys while wondering which gender they preferred (hey, it WAS the 80′s) in my preteen ways. I wonder what people will say about today’s music which is all fluff with no really energy behind it except for a few people.

    That said, I’m such a 90′s girl.

  2. What I loved about 80’s videos is early on there was no set formula. The videos could be, and were, anything. And the bands weren’t all pretty either.

    But your Duran Duran inclusion is a cop-out. Those songs are 90’s songs. And they were the vanguard of 80’s videos!

    If you want to mention the 90’s you should talk about Ann Wilson’s version of The Battle of Evermore on the Singles soundtrack as the band The Lovemongers. No one does Robert Plant as well as Ann Wilson.

    • Michael

      Truth be told Craig, I would say that Ann Wilson does Robert Plant better than Robert Plant!

      Tragically, these two ladies are still not in the Rock & Roll hall of fame. Blows my mind to think about how amazing they’ve sang their own stuff, Zeppelin, and others and are still rarely recognized.

      Such a shame

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