The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (2022 World Cup in Qatar Edition)

Earlier this year, the United States attempted to bring the Olympics to Chicago but it wasn’t meant to be.  Instead, the governing board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided that Brazil was more qualified.  As shocking as that decision may have been, FIFA has decided that once again, the United States is no place for an international tournament of epic proportions.

It was decided that Qatar, one of the richest countries in the world, would be hosting the 2022 World Cup instead of the United States or Australia, which was a shock to both nations.  Many questions will certainly be asked as to why the United States was not chosen but for me, I have to wonder how a tiny peninsula like Qatar was able to win the vote so convincingly (14-8).  Anyone who has visited this nation (which believe me, is few) knows that summer heat can be unbearable and that’s exactly when the World Cup will be played.

Not to mention the fact that it borders Saudi Arabia, a country that isn’t the best spot for nations to get together and compete … it’s simply a puzzling selection.  FIFA was lucky enough to make the South African World Cup a success, so I think this selection is taking their “reform” act a bit to far.  That said, it’s 12 years from now until then so a lot can change.  Hopefully, everything works out for the good of Qatar and the good of the sport.

Now onto our best money articles from this past week!

Tips for Sticking to a Budget @ PT Money: Creating a budget isn’t easy for most, but the more important part of any budget is sticking to it.  Impulse buys and emergencies can sure screw things up but planning ahead can take care of both of those problems.

Cash Points or Miles: Which Rewards Credit Card is King? @ Credit Karma: If you’re on the fence on what kind of credit card you should use for everyday purchases, allow me to make the choice for you.  A cash back credit card is always the best choice.

When You May Want to File an Optional Tax Return @ My Dollar Plan: Wouldn’t it be nice if every American was provided the option each year to file their tax returns? Well believe it or not, some Americans have that luxury.

Shoppers Should be Aware of Store Credit Card @ The Street: Store brand credit card, especially around the holidays, are a great way to save money on your purchases but be careful.  When you’re not using them, they can cost you.

The Amazon Tax @ Weakonomics: Online business have always had a huge advantage in that sales tax is not required unless you’re the unlucky state where the business operates.  But don’t expect that freedom to last forever.

How to Cash in US Savings Bonds @ Cash Money Life: I used to have a ton of EE savings bonds that I received from family and friends over the years.  But after I went to college, those savings bonds disappeared fast!

Germany Won’t Abandon the Euro @ Seeking Alpha: With the crisis in Ireland getting worse, there were talks that Germany might abandon the Euro as it’s currency and go back to the Deutsche Mark.  But it would appear, at least for the moment, they were just talks.

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  1. varacier

    u cant seem to understand that the usa and australia is most vulnerable to terrorist attacks then qatar…Also in Australia and america not many people support soccer so i would think that hosting it in that country would be disasterous as people who love soccer would be afarid to go to the stadiums cause of fear being attacked

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