106th Edition of Carnival of Personal Finance

91 Ways to Wealth: The Carnival of Personal Finance, Epic Journey Edition is up at The Digerati Life. My article on How Half a Percent Can Ruin Your Retirement was included in the carnival. Thanks, Digerati Life. Here some of the articles I found particularly noteworth:

  • When Can You Retire? @ Lazy Man and Money: Describes and links to what looks like a promising retirement calculator.
  • Ultimate Buy And Hold @ Healthcare Economist: This is a good article on asset allocation and a model portfolio using Vanguard funds. I thought the stock/bond, value/growth and domestic/foreign allocations were right on target. The only thing I would add to the portfolio is the Vanguard REIT fund.
  • How to Select Funds–Part 1 @ Simple Pound–You can tell I’m focused on investing and retirement. This article describes Simple Pound’s approach to selecting mutual funds.
  • In Defense of Real Estate Speculators::four points to consider @ EquityScout.com–This article looks at injecting a little investing into speculating. I’m not a fan of speculating, at least not if you want to consistently build weath. As a game, it’s fine. EquityScout provides an interesting perspective on the topic.

Happy reading!

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