Michael Vick is the $100 Million Man

Michael Vick $100 Million ContractI love comeback stories. And Michael Vick is as good an example as you’ll ever find. Yesterday he signed a $100 million 6-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, $40 million of which is guaranteed. Boy has he come a long way, and there is a lesson here to be learned.

Recall that he spent six years with the Atlanta Falcons before being implicated in a dog fighting ring of all things. And we’re not just talking about a dog fight in the back yard. Vick had a serious operation going that even had a name–Bad Newz Kennels. And when the feds came in, they threatend to go after him under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, better known in the mob movies as RICO. To make a long story short, Vick pleaded guilty. He spent 21 months in jail. With the loss of his NFL contract and endorsements, he was also forced to file bankruptcy.

Following his release from prison, he’s played with the Eagles beginning in 2009. Last year his work on the gridiron was considered phenomenal at times, and was clearly the best of his career. And now it’s payday for Michael Vick.

I love comeback stories. I don’t know if Michael Vick is a changed man. A crime like dog fighting has always been a mystery to me. I just don’t get the appeal. Stealing to feed your family I understand. But watching animals kill each other for sport and money is lost on me. But he did pay for his crime with money, time and reputation. Now he has fought his way back. And if Vick can come back from all that, we too can fight our way through financial difficulties.

But the real question, particularly for those Eagles fans out there, is this–Is he worth $100 million?

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  1. Sorry, I can’t relate. Sure, I have financial problems. I don’t like dogs, but I have no desire to kill them or watch them kill each other.

    Rae Carruth is currently serving 18 years for arranging his pregnant girlfriend’s murder (the baby lived). He played for the Carolina Panthers, and he’s due to be released in 2018. Will he get a similar reception from the NFL?

  2. Just another reason why the NFL is nothing but a bunch of crap !
    He or any other player are not worth 15cents much less 100 Million.
    Nothing but a bunch of big mouthed cry babies. They all need to get a damn job work for a living and see were they get.

  3. I, for one, am happy for Michael Vick. I was a fan before and after the incident. What people fail to realize (even years later) is the he didn’t fight dogs, but allowed it to happen in his home. I’m not excusing his behavior, nor do I agree with it. I’m a huge dog lover and advocate. But geez, let the man live! People refuse to forgive and it’s sad. Kudos Michael Vick; I’m glad you’re back.

    • Actually, if you read the trial transcripts, you’ll see that Michael Vick electrocuted and beat dogs that did not perform in the fighting ring. He may have had “coaches” who did the actual fighting. But don’t think he wasn’t an active participant in the bloodshed. At least according to the witnesses who testified at his trial.

    • Outraged

      This is so sick it makes me want to vomit. The man is a monster who drowned, electrocuted and hanged dogs. He shows not remorse and his theater of speaking to kids is only so he can start making his millions again. How can you call yourself a dog lover? You are such an idiot and hypocrite!

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