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MyFICO, a division of Fair Isaac, is the place to obtain and monitor your FICO scores and myFICO offers low cost and free trial options to obtain your FICO score online from the company that created the FICO score. Here are some of the options available from myFICO:

Score Watch

  • Monitors your credit report at Equifax on a daily basis and your FICO score on a weekly basis
  • Notifies you when you reach your target score or when you qualify for a better interest rate
  • Alerts you when unexpected changes to your credit report cause your FICO score to drop
  • Provides two Equifax Score Power reports each year

Score Watch features include the following:

Monitor your FICO score: See your new FICO score every time you get an alert of a change on your credit report. Find out when your FICO score changes enough to impact the interest rate you would likely receive on a home mortgage, auto loan or home equity loan.

Timely credit alerts: Receive alerts via email or wireless text message when Score Watch detects important changes to your FICO score or Equifax credit report.

Receive two Equifax Score Power reports: Receive two Score Power reports when you subscribe — one at enrollment and one to be used at any time during your subscription. In addition, you will receive two additional Score Power reports each year of your Score Watch subscription. Score Power reports include your complete Equifax Credit Report, FICO score, FICO score simulator and factors hurting or helping your score. Also, receive additional discounted Score Power reports while you are subscribed to Score Watch.

Free FICO ScoreYou can get your credit score from MyFICO, which is run by Fair Isasc, and now that credit score can be obtained for free. One of the things I really like about is that it doesn’t just give you your score. also explains why your score is what it is (good or bad). This information can help you start the process of improving your score. will give you more information about each factor that is either helping or hurting your credit score. You also receive tips on how to improve those factors that may be keeping your FICO score down. As I mentioned above, for my score past inquires and amount of debt/opened accounts have hurt my score. Both of these were identified by, which gives me a clear indication of what I need to work on if I want to improve my credit score. Another great feature of is that they tell you how your credit score will impact the interest rates you’ll receive on a mortgage, home equity, or car loan. Here’s what it shows for my credit score of 745:


This information can be really useful if you are looking to buy or refinance a home, or perhaps get a car loan. In my case, if I were looking to buy a home, I would want 760 as my credit score goal. A good credit score is anything over 700 and a perfect credit score is 850, so 760 is pretty solid. In fact, with Credit Watch, you can set a goal, and will alert you every time there is a change to your credit score. So now that you know your credit score, know what’s helping and hurting your score, know how to improve your score, and know what impact your score will have on interest rates, it’s time to look at your credit report.

With, you not only get your credit score, you also get your credit report. Of course, you can get your free credit report from, too. If it’s just your credit report you’re after, that’s the place to go. But it’s still nice to get your credit report along with your credit score at What’s particularly nice about is that it presents your credit report in an easy to read and understand format. breaks down your credit report into five separate screens that cover the following five topics: (1) Credit at a Glance; (2) Accounts; (3) Inquiries; (4) Collections; and (5) Public Records.


The Credit-at-a-Glance feature gives you a snapshot of your credit report. In addition to showing you any missed payments and length of credit history, it also shows your total debt, number of accounts opened, recent inquiries, and more. You then can easily move from page to page to see everything in your credit report. When reviewing your report, it is important to carefully review the accounts section. This will show you if there are accounts opened that you don’t know about. It will also show you if any creditors have reported missed or late payments. If you think there is an error in your credit report, offers form letters you can use to dispute information in your report.

To get your FICO score, check out the official myFICO website.

Published or Updated: August 10, 2014

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