The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (FTC Imposes New Credit Report Rules Edition)

Credit ReportsLast year’s credit card legislation affected more than just credit cards, it also changed the way that credit reports will forever be advertised.  Beginning April 1st, which was a few days ago, any business or enterprise advertising the availability of free credit reports must disclose the terms of the “free” credit report.  For example, if you take a look at the homepage of you’ll notice that they are no longer advertising a free credit report.  Instead you’ll find three disclaimers, shown below.




Any merchant that continues to offer a free credit report must also include a disclaimer that the only government sanctioned website that can actually provide you a free credit report is  As you can see, has decided not to go this rout and now charges $1 for all credit reports.  You can expect all of those wonderfully annoying commercials to be altered as well but I’m sure they’ve already developed a new set that abides by the new rules.

Ultimately, the government decided to make this change because of the increasing amount of complaints from consumers who were charged after their free trial periods had expired.  The result will be less offers provided by sites like, and that allow you to view your credit report for signing up for a free trial of something else.  I was diligent in canceling my free trial subscriptions so I’m kind of sad to see them go.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top financial articles of the week.

3 Steps to a Perfect Portfolio @ Money Talks News: Perfection is never easy but if it only takes three steps to get there, sign me up!

Millionaire States in the United States @ Bargaineering: Florida didn’t seem to make the highest or the lowest list but I’m originally from New Jersey so I’ll take the credit for boosting their percentage by moving away.

Who Killed Blockbuster – Netflix or Redbox? @ Cash Money Life: It’s my personal opinion that Blockbuster killed Blockbuster but expect them to rebound after a heavy amount of brick and mortar closures.

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work From Home @Wisebread: I’ll be the first to admit how great it is to set your own hours and work from home but if you’re boss isn’t open to the idea, you may have to nudge him a bit.

5 Ways To Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill @ The Consumerist: I spend $40 a month to talk for maybe 5 hours and I’ve had it.  I’m going to take the leap and buy Ooma.  Who’s with me?

10 Opportunities For Teaching Kids About Money @ PT Money: The earlier kids learn about the value of money, the better.  Here are 10 get ways to get them started.

Investing Locally @ Suburban Dollar: An interesting idea to invest in the local markets around your home to improve your overall portfolio and the area around you.

Five Free Online Applications to Help You Get Organized @ GenXFinance: With all of the family members I have, birthdays can be quite an ordeal but one of these applications can make sure I never forget a birthday again.  Sweet!

And this past week we also participated in the following carnivals:

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