Prepaid Debit Cards for Teens

I can still remember my first ATM card. I was a teenager in high school when ATM and debit cards first arrived on the scene. I had a passbook savings account with our local bank, and they issued a debit card that I could use to make deposits and withdrawals to and from my account. Taking money out of my account when the bank was closed was nothing short of amazing. But my ATM card of the 1980s was a lot different than debit and prepaid credit cards for teens today.

The most important difference was that it was not part of the VISA or MasterCard debit network. When ATM cards first came out, they could only be used at a bank automatic teller machine. I couldn’t use the card at a store. And of course there was no Internet, so we couldn’t check our account online, either. On top of that, the debit card didn’t work with all ATM machines. You had to make sure that the ATM was on the same network as your bank, or the card wouldn’t work.

With the advent of the Internet and the VISA and MasterCard debit networks, a whole new generation of financial products was born. And recently, companies have begun using these tools to market debit and prepaid cards and other financial products to teens. Let’s look at a few of these new financial products (some recently reviewed by Smart Money), and then I’d like to hear your view on these products.

BillMyParents® Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard®

BillMyParents Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard BigThe BillMyParents® Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard® is one of the most popular prepaid cards available for teens. It combines low fees with parental controls over spending.

Here are the card’s features:

  • Get your teen started on the path to smart spending today.
  • Easily set strict spending limits.
  • Lock/Unlock Your Teen's Card with a Simple Text
  • Monitor Purchase Alerts in Real-Time on Your Mobile Phone
  • Family or Friends Can Reload Funds
  • No Credit Risks or Overdraft Fees
  • Safer than cash with lost card protection
  • Use anywhere debit MasterCard is accepted.

UPside Prepaid Visa for Teens

UPside Prepaid Visa Card BigThe Student UPside Visa® Prepaid Card is a great pick for prepaid card for teenagers and college students. The fees are very low, it offers rewards points based on purchases, and parents can easily add funds and monitor spending. The card offers e-mail alerts for low balances, and it’s a perfect way to send money to college students living far from home.

Here are the details:

  • A card truly designed for the 13-25 age group and their parents
  • Full parental control. Safer than cash
  • Parents can load the card online from their own credit card or checking account
  • Instant online funding, great for emergencies when your child is away from home
  • If your child is in high school, you can set allowances and monitor his/her spending online. Also perfect if he/she is traveling without you
  • If your child is already in college, he/she can receive free direct deposits from an employer, write checks and most importantly stay out of debt
  • Apply online now. Only $2.99 a month or $29.95 a year

Visa Buxx

Visa Buxx BigThe Visa Buxx Card is a prepaid, reloadable card designed specifically for teens. The card enables parents to add money online that teenagers can then spend with the card. While Visa Buxx card is not a credit card, like most debit cards, it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

Parents can obviously control the amount of money that’s put on the card, and they can also monitor spending via the Internet. Visa Buxx claims that the card gives teens financial independence and helps them learn money management by requiring them to manage the available money on the card. Parents can also pay allowance to teens through the debit card’s automatic loading feature. Parents can setup automatic transfers from their checking account on a weekly or monthly basis.

As for teaching teens financial responsibility, here is what Visa Buxx has to say:

Using a Visa Buxx card is a first step—and a big responsibility—for your teen. When you sign up your teen for their Visa Buxx card, encourage them to take this money management quiz, as well as review the educational information that is included with each card. Taking the quiz and going over the materials together will help to prepare your teen for the real world of managing a budget and using a Visa Buxx card.

The Visa Buxx card is issued through one of several banks that Visa Buxx has partnered with. There are fees associated with the card, including the following:

  • One-time Account Setup Fee is $12.00 and will be assessed at the time the Card is opened.
  • A charge of $5.00 will be assessed to replace a lost or stolen card.
  • A $2.00 fee will be charged for each transaction that loads money onto the Card. This fee is typically waived if the card is loaded from an account with the same bank that issued the card.
  • An overdraft charge of $20.00 will be assessed for each transaction which causes the available account balance to overdraw the accrued Card funds
  • A charge for ATM cash access of $1.50 will be assessed for each transaction in excess of two (2) within the previous 30 days
  • A charge of $2.00 per month will be assessed after six months of inactivity.


Obopay BigObopay is designed to enable families to make payments to anybody, anywhere, anytime. Funds can be transferred to an Obopay account online from a bank account, debit card, credit card, or at some physical locations. Once the account is funded, money can be transferred from your cell phone to anybody with a cell phone for $0.25 per transaction. You can also use Obopay as a way to accept payments online if you run a website or blog. So how does Obopay involve teenagers?

One of the features of Obopay is the family prepaid MasterCard. A prepaid card can be issued to children 13 and over. Parents can then add money to the card for the children to use anywhere that accepts MasterCard. As with most prepaid cards for teens, parents can also monitor spending online.

There are fees for the Obopay family debit card, of course, which include the following:

  • $4.95/month for each card
  • $1.95 for each ATM transaction
  • $10.00 to replace a lost or stolen card

Current Prepaid Card for Teens by Discover

Current Prepaid Card for Teens by Discover SmallThe Current Card by Discover was the first debit card specifically designed for teens that I had ever heard of. I remember when it first came out wondering how parents would respond to the card. The Current Card works much like the other prepaid cards mentioned above, but it offers some extra features and has Discover backing the card.

For example, for teens with jobs that offer direct deposit, their paychecks can be added directly to the card. Parents can not only set daily spending limits, they can also restrict the category of purchases the card can be used for (excluding, for example, hotel and travel categories). Card transactions can also be monitored via the Internet.

The card costs $5 per month or $50 per year paid in advance. There is no cost to add funds to the card, and you get 4 free ATM withdrawals each month. Unlike other cards, there is no fee if the card goes unused for an extended period of time.

Are Debit Cards and Other Financial Products Marketed To Teens a Good Thing?

My question is whether these new financial products are making teenagers more responsible with money, or less responsible. My concern with these products is that their focus is on spending money, not saving or investing money. I’d like your take on this question, particularly if you’ve used any of these tools.

In the press, reviews of the teenager-focused financial products have been mixed.

Liz Pulliam Weston at MSN believes teen debit cards can teach children to be financially responsible. Because these cards are not credit cards, there is no risk of spending over limits, interest charges, or a negative impact on a teenagers credit history. Liz also points out the benefit of parents being able to easily monitor how their children are spending their money.

Taking a less sanguine view of debit cards for teens, Janet Bodnar over at Kiplinger’s believes debit cards serve only to prime our children for life of credit and debt. As Janet explains, “These cards aren’t credit cards, but young people don’t draw a distinction. To them, any plastic is magic money that’s meant to be topped up by Mom and Dad when it runs out.” She also points to the fees associated with these cards.

So what’s your take? Do these teen-focused financial products teach our children sound money management, or set them up for a life of living beyond their means?

Published or Updated: March 15, 2013
About Rob Berger

Rob founded the Dough Roller in 2007. A litigation attorney in the securities industry, he lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, their two teenagers, and the family mascot, a shih tzu named Sophie.


  1. Craig says:

    This is where parents and school needs to step in and educate teens. Teens need to learn the basics so on their own they can succeed with these incentives and cards.

  2. Studies have shown repeatedly that using any form of plastic instead of cash to buy stuff does two things: (1) It increases the amount of ‘stuff” that people buy; and (2) It increases the price that people are willing to pay for stuff. This is because there is a disconnect between the purchase and the financial pain of the purchase.

    Why in the world would we want to give our kids an early start and indoctrination on this behavior? This is a cultural and familial pattern that must be broken.

  3. debtrelifman says:

    I really like this so teens can be more financially literate I think this will help our country become better because with more education about finances it will make it so less people go into debt and if so will go in debt for a good reason. I think there will always be a need for debt relief but I hope it won’t be as necessary as it is now.

  4. mxguise says:

    This does help kids learn about using credit cards. They are able to shop online but have to wait for their parent’s approval and parents can give their children conditions for the purchase. It will be something they are used too when they eventually get their own credit card.

  5. Nattlie Ringer says:

    I will be employing between 150-200 youth for summer program in 2011. I would like to issue debit cards vs checks. Do you offer a service for bulk debit cards? The cards will be reloaded each pay period. I am not interested in the youth applying for the cards individually. I will have all of their information and would like to have all the paperwork done by my staff. Please advise. You may send me an email or contact me @ 678-357-5508.

    Nattlie Ringer, CEO

  6. Alexa Junkin says:

    My daughter has a trip coming and they have to have over 200 dollars on hand. For eating and shopping at a mall. I would like to buy a prepaid card for her that i can have access to upload her money if she ran out of money. The only problem is that there is a charge when she will purchase something. Is there a card that will not charge her when she uses it? if so let me know i would like to get this for her!
    Thank you,

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