Citi Private Pass Offering $5 Concert Tickets

I’ve been a banking customer with Citi for nearly 20 years. I use a Citi debit card and the Citi Platinum Select MasterCard. I chose Citi after graduating from law school for one reason and one reason only—it was across the street from my office.

While that’s not how I’d recommend choosing a bank today, it’s worked out pretty well. While no bank is perfect, and while at times we all want to scream and yell at the banking industry, by and large Citi has been a good place to bank.

And that brings me to Citi Private Pass. This summer Citi has rolled out a pretty nifty feature for its banking customers. If you are a Citi credit or debit card user, you can sign up for Citi Private Pass for free. Citi Private Pass opens the doors to tickets for sporting events and concerts. And this summer, Citi is offering $5 tickets to Live Nation concerts.

You can nab $5 tickets to hear artists such as blink-182, Nickelback, Cruefest (Motley Crue and friends), Depeche Mode, Brian Wilson (of Beach Boys fame), The Black Crows, Mos Def, Collective Soul, to name a few.

So how does it work? If you have a Citi card, go to to get an access code that lets you buy $5 tix to a bunch of different concerts through the end of August. They are called Lawn Ticket concerts and have different types of music – from Depeche Mode on one end of the spectrum to Nickleback on the other.


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