How to Buy Gift Cards Online at a Big Discount

With the holidays fast approaching, it seemed like a good time to talk about how to buy gift cards online at a discount. Rather than paying full price for a Home Depot, Amazon, Kohl’s or any other gift card, there is an easy way to save as much as 30%. You can buy store gift cards at significant discounts from Plastic Jungle. I’ve written before about how to sell gift cards for cash, but Plastic Jungle is also a great place to buy store gift cards for big savings.

How Plastic Jungle Works

You can think of Plastic Jungle as the eBay of gift cards. Plastic Jungle buys gift cards from folks who want the cash. These cards are purchased at a discount off of the face value of the card. For example, Plastic Jungle would pay about $86 for a $100 Best Buy gift card or give you an Amazon gift card in exchange worth about $90. As part of the transaction, Plastic Jungle verifies that the card’s balance is valid and accurate.

Plastic Jungle then makes the gift cards it has purchased available for sale. Using the same example, a $100 Lowe’s card would cost about $93 to purchase from Plastic Jungle, for a 7% savings. The amount you can save depends on the demand for that particular card. Because Lowe’s gift cards are in high demand, the savings is 7%. A gift card for Boston Market can be found at discounts of 20% or more. Either way, you’ve saved money even before you’ve started shopping.

Interesting Offers

As you look through the gift cards at Plastic Jungle, you’ll find some interest savings opportunities. For example, did you know that you can buy an American Airlines gift card? That was news to me, but I found a $500 AA gift card selling at a 9% discount. That’s a nice way to save some cash on your next flight. Delta gift cards were selling at a 7% discount.

Plastic Jungle Guarantee

When buying a gift card online, the first concern of course is that the gift card’s balance is as promised. You don’t want to buy a $100 gift card only to learn that the actual balance is less than that. And that’s where Plastic Jungle’s guarantee becomes so important.

Plastic Jungle provides the following guarantee to buyers:

  • You will get your purchased gift card within three (3) weeks of the date of purchase.
  • Your gift card will have a value equivalent to or more than the listed value at the time of purchase.
  • Your gift card is authentic and valid for use.

Free Shipping

As a final feature, Plastic Jungle doesn’t charge for shipping. The price you pay for the gift card is the total price you pay.

Published or Updated: June 9, 2013
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    we want to make an own gift card for that member can use in many store like Publix… this posible? what is the requirements?

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