The DoughRoller Weekly Roundup (American Express Money Manager Tool Edition)

American Express recently launched a money manager tool that gives you one more way to stay on top of your finances.  This tool allows you to:

  • Keep track of due dates for bill payments
  • Review all of your spending across multiple bank and investment accounts
  • Consolidate rewards statements for hotel and frequent flyer points
  • Calculate your total net worth
  • Set email alerts for almost anything

The personal finance management space has become extremely competitive lately. The American Express Money Manager distinguishes itself by offering a free online tool that can manager all of your accounts (not just your Amex cards) and investments in one place. Of course, the tool is just for those who carry an American Express card. For a deeper look, press play on this neat video:

Now let’s dive in to some of the best money articles from the past week.

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