20 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50

Mother's Day

On Sunday, May 8th, we will celebrate the 100th official Mother’s Day.  Once a year, mothers across the country are recognized as the most important people on the planet and even though any mother will say it’s the thought that counts, you and I both know that’s not how it really works. Buying something for […]

Published or Updated: October 28, 2012

Renting a Car from Thrifty? Learn from My Mistakes

My family and I were in Florida this past weekend visiting colleges for my son and daughter. We rented a car from Thrifty in Orlando for four days. While I thought I did everything possible to get the best possible deal, it turns out I made three critical mistakes that cost me about $100. So […]

Published or Updated: March 6, 2013

Becoming a US Citizen Isn’t Cheap!

US Citizenship

At one time or another, we all take our American citizenship for granted.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that many people are struggling right now to become a part of the United States.  Aside from the travel costs associated with reaching the US, the process of becoming an American citizen can be quite expensive.  From […]

Published or Updated: September 18, 2011

5 of the Most Ridiculously Expensive Board Games


Board games are a great way to have frugal fun with friends and family.  Our children particularly like Monopoly and Hand-n-Foot (a card game). While board games can provide countless hours of thrifty enjoyment, if you have the cash and desire, you can likely find a much more expensive version of your favorite cheap cardboard […]

Published or Updated: August 15, 2011

Are Pawn Shops Good Places To Buy and Sell Stuff?

Pawn Shop

You may have passed by one every day on your way to work or walking your dog and never really noticed it: the local pawn shop. The local pawn shop is a great place to find many things you need and many things you’ll never need, but it’s also a great place to learn a […]

Published or Updated: March 20, 2013

The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (Blockbuster $0.40 Rentals Edition)

It’s no secret that Blockbuster is in serious trouble.  We’ve documented their actions well over the last year or so and even with some of the advantages they have over Netflix, Blockbuster was forced to file for bankruptcy a short time ago. Still trying to fight their way back, Blockbuster has teamed up with the […]

Published or Updated: April 6, 2013

5 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Girlfriends and wives are eagerly awaiting their chocolates, flowers, and that romantic candlelight dinner.  Boyfriends and husbands are struggling to plan the perfect evening, waiting until the last minute to book a restaurant and cringing at the cost of it all. We’re going to try to help you gentlemen out […]

Published or Updated: March 22, 2013

The 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps of 2010


I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I hate paying for iPhone apps.  I know it doesn’t make much sense, but I reflexively think all my digital content should be free.  I even struggled to pay $.99 for the Angry Birds app—which I admit now, was well worth the cost. My illogical loathing […]

Published or Updated: April 3, 2013

Would You Rather Earn More or Spend Less?

Money Image

Here’s a hypothetical personal finance question for you: Would you rather work more hours to support a lavish lifestyle, or adopt a more frugal lifestyle that requires less time trying to make money? Granted, there could be many things to consider when coming to an answer for a philosophical question like this. But if you […]

Published or Updated: January 31, 2011