10 Ways to Avoid Identity Fraud This Holiday Shopping Season

ID Theft

Did you know that the holiday shopping season is prime time not only for shoppers but also for identity thieves? And why wouldn’t it be? Fraudsters and thieves aren’t stupid. They know that around the holidays, shoppers are out in droves – both in stores and online. They also know that during this hectic season, […]

Published or Updated: December 9, 2013

Take Online College Courses for Free

Do you miss the intellectual stimulation of college classes? Do you have an inner politico or engineer needing attention? If I had my druthers, I’d be a full-time student for the rest of my life. With the help of the Internet, continuing education has become far more attainable and even free. More colleges and universities […]

Published or Updated: April 14, 2010

How many light bulbs are in your home?


Have you ever wondered just how many light bulbs you have in your home? Have you ever counted? Not counting the bulbs in our refrigerator, we have 104 light bulbs on the first floor of our house alone. So why am I counting light bulbs? Am counting light bulbs because beginning in 2012, the all […]

Published or Updated: December 8, 2011