How to Invest in a Mutual Fund

You’ve decided to invest in your future. You’ve picked the perfect mutual fund. You’re ready to go. Now what? How do you actually go about buying shares of a mutual fund? The good news is that buying shares of a mutual fund is quick and easy. If you’ve never invested in a mutual fund outside […]

Published or Updated: July 26, 2014

7 Myths About S&P 500 Index Funds

The S&P 500 Index is arguably the best known and most followed index of publicly traded companies. There are hundreds of S&P 500 index funds and exchange traded funds to chose from if you want an investment that tracks the S&P 500 Index. Since they all track the same index, these mutual funds and ETFs […]

Published or Updated: March 30, 2012

Vanguard Total World Stock Index Fund (VTWSX)

Vanguard recently launched an index mutual fund designed to track the performance of the FTSE All-World Index, a benchmark of approximately 2,900 stocks in 47 countries. With the introduction of Vanguard’s Total World Stock Index Fund (VTWSX), investors can now mimic the world market in a single fund. Much like the convenience of target date […]

Published or Updated: February 14, 2013

Retirement Income Investing–Fidelity and Vanguard Options for Baby Boomers

Fidelity and Vanguard offer retirement income funds that can produce monthly income and investment growth at the same time. Both are reviewed in this article.

Published or Updated: July 19, 2014

Do low cost mutual funds outperform high cost mutual funds?

A reader recently asked whether the expense ratio of a mutual fund or the fund’s performance was the most important factor when selecting an investment. It’s an important question. What’s the point in investing in a low cost fund if it underperforms higher cost funds? Mutual funds report their performance net of expenses. So if […]

Published or Updated: April 29, 2012

Why do mutual funds close to new investors (and 3 funds that have reopened)?

Image credit: MobilFunk7The Wall Street Journal reported this weekend that three mutual funds previously closed to new investors are reopening to accept new money. I’ll share the three funds with you, but first I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about why mutual funds would ever close to new investors. The primary […]

Published or Updated: April 3, 2014

WARNING: Converting an Index Fund to an ETF May Increase Your Wealth

For the young investor, ETF’s can be a real tease. They tempt you with their low costs and tax efficiency, only to whack you with commissions when you go to buy them. For those making small, monthly investments, the commission costs alone put ETFs out of reach. It turns out, though, that ETFs can be […]

Published or Updated: December 22, 2015

Are Mutual Funds for the Poor?

The Wealth Report, a WSJ blog written by Robert Frank, recently posted an interesting article entitled How the Rich Invest. The upshot of the article is that the rich don’t invest in mutual funds or ETFs. A survey conducted by Prince & Associates, Inc. found that for those investing more than $20 million, not one […]

Published or Updated: July 13, 2015

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