A 60-Second Guide to Life Insurance for Smokers

Both my mom and her mom were smokers. My mom still is. My grandmother stopped smoking when we used her failing memory to trick her into thinking she had quit smoking years ago. Not exactly the proudest moment in my life, but it got the job done. I plan to use the same strategy with […]

Published or Updated: March 2, 2011

Why Term Life Insurance is the Smart Life Insurance


When making financial decisions, we like to stress that circumstances matter.  Your wants and needs make a decision good for you, even though it might not be the best choice for me.  This is less true, though, in deciding whether to purchase term or whole life insurance. Term life insurance is almost always the better […]

Published or Updated: March 20, 2013

Insurance Lingo 101 – What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?


A few weeks ago, I got in a car accident near my home in southern California.  My car was toast, but luckily the other driver and I both walked away without sustaining any injuries.  If we weren’t so fortunate, and instead ended up in the hospital, we might be exploring whether our auto insurance policy […]

Published or Updated: March 20, 2013

Filing an Auto Insurance Claim Might Not Be the Best Idea

Car Insurance

Your car insurance provider frequently tells you to report even the most minor car accident.  Contrary to these instructions, sometimes it’s best not to file an insurance claim. A few years ago, I was in a minor fender bender with another car.  I admit it: the accident was definitely my fault.  But the damage was […]

Published or Updated: March 22, 2013

How Financially Fit is Your Insurance Company?

Whether we like it or not, insurance companies are a very important part of our lives. Depending on the coverage one buys, we rely on insurance to cover loss on our cars, homes, health, and life. Basically, we look to insurance to protect some of the most important and most valuable aspects of life. And […]

Published or Updated: March 6, 2013

What Kind of Life Insurance Policy Is Right for You?

What if?

Planning for the future only gets more important as you age. Investments and savings are certainly great to have, but life insurance may supplement long-term planning goals, especially if you’re worried about providing for your loved ones if you are not around. With life insurance, you sign a contract with your insurer to pay a […]

Published or Updated: March 22, 2013

A Homeowner’s Guide to Homeowner’s Insurance


Homeowner’s insurance is probably one of the most important types of insurance you’ll ever buy. It’s right up there with life insurance in terms of essential financial protection. But to get the most out of your homeowner’s insurance, you need to know your plan’s coverage details. Like all types of insurance, homeowner’s insurance comes in […]

Published or Updated: April 3, 2013

Shouldn’t Life Insurance Companies All Be Bankrupt?


Life insurance. To buy or not to buy? Although this is a major question in the minds of many consumers, what we’re interested in here is how the insurance companies make money and just where our money is going if we buy a policy. Before we examine that question, however, let’s do a little refresher […]

Published or Updated: April 3, 2013

Is Travel Insurance Worth the Cost?

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance a type of insurance used to cover oddball travel expenses, such as medical expenses or losses of pre-paid deposits on airfare or hotel accommodations. Short-term travel insurance can typically be arranged at the time a trip is planned to cover the duration of a trip. This type of insurance is available for many […]

Published or Updated: April 4, 2013