DR 144: 6 Keys to Setting Financial Priorities

Financial Goals

Choosing between competing financial priorities is one of the hardest things to do in all of personal finance. Over the years I’ve received countless email from readers asking variations of the same thing related to financial goals. Should you pay off all of your debts before you begin investing? Should you fully fund your retirement […]

Published or Updated: January 6, 2015

Estate Planning and Your Digital Assets

If you are reading this post, and I’ll assume you are, you have digital assets. I learned this first hand while handling my step-mother’s estate. Apart from who would run this blog in my absence, I’ve never really given any thought to how my wife or children would access my online life. And then I […]

Published or Updated: October 10, 2012

How Much Car Can You Afford?

sports car

Photo: Toyota Motor Europe I‘ve been talking to my children about finances a lot lately. As they near high school graduation (one senior, one junior), I grow more and more concerned about their ability to handle money. And last week the talk centered around how much you should spend on a car. Why am I […]

Published or Updated: June 12, 2013

The Run Down on Athletic Scholarships and Tips to Receiving One


The most competitive and well known athletic awards are the NCAA scholarships. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of high school athletes are talented enough to participate at such a level. The good news is there are other national athletic organizations that provide scholarships such as the NAIA and NJCAA. If you are willing to compete […]

Published or Updated: June 12, 2013

3 Simple Questions That Can Change Your Life

If you haven’t figured it out by now, The Dough Roller isn’t really about money; it’s about life. More specifically, it’s about how money affects our lives, and how we can leverage money to live and achieve our life’s goals. To reduce all of this to a single tagline is tough, but I try with […]

Published or Updated: June 6, 2013

Checklist for Life – An Inventory of All Your Financial Information

Huntington Bank just released what it calls a Checklist for Life. Checklist for Life is a seven page PDF document that allows you to keep an inventory of all your financial information. The idea behind the checklist is to encourage people to begin thinking about estate planning. Here’s how Huntington describes the Checklist: Many people […]

Published or Updated: May 29, 2011

Voyant Introduces Free DIY Financial Planning Tool at Demo 08

“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. If Voyant’s newly released online financial planning tool has anything to say about it, failing to plan will be a thing of the past. Voyant showcased its free financial planning tool at DEMO 08 being held this week in Palm Desert, CA. I’ve spent some time using […]

Published or Updated: June 6, 2013