PerkStreet $100 Giveaway + 5% Cash Back Holiday Shopping Bonus

Perkstreet BannerWe have a winner! Angela won the $100 Visa Gift Card from PerkStreet. Thanks for playing, and check back often for more contests.

If you’ve had a look at interest rates recently, you know that finding a bank that offers more than 1.5% interest is next to impossible.  Our economy hasn’t had the sharp turnaround many had hoped for and one of the areas continuing to suffer is the banking industry.  Here to help is Perkstreet, the online checking and debit card solution for anyone looking to earn big rewards on their online checking account.

First, let’s talk about the PerkStreet 2% cash back debit card.  If you sign-up for a PerkStreet account and maintain a balance of $5,000, you will earn 2% cash back on all purchases made.  That $5,000 is important because if your balance to start the day is less than that, you will earn just 1% on purchases made that day.  In addition to the 2% cash back on all purchases, PerkStreet members can earn 5% cash back on rotating categories throughout the year.  That 5% promotion has now been extended to include holiday purchases!

You will earn 5% cash back on all non-PIN debit card purchases at the following popular holiday retailers until 1/31/2012:

  • Art Supply, Craft, and Fabric Stores
  • Sport and Athletic Clubs
  • TurboTax®

To kick awareness of this promotion off, PerkStreet is offering one lucky DoughRoller reader a $100 Visa gift card.  To be entered, you can do one of two things (or both!)

  1. Sign-up for a PerkStreet account and leave a comment with your name (5 entries)
  2. Leave a comment answering this question: “If your bank gave you $600, what would you spend it on?” (1 entry)

The winner will be chosen at random on Monday, October 18th.  Only one sign-up and question answered will be allowed for each participant so please, no duplicate entries.  The winner will be contacted by PerkStreet within 10 days of contest closing.

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125 Responses to “PerkStreet $100 Giveaway + 5% Cash Back Holiday Shopping Bonus”

  1. Brian Davis

    I had not heard of PerkStreet before this article. It is interesting to see banks are starting to offer competitive rewards to credit card offers. This will help encourage American’s to give up there debt habits even more. Thanks for the information.

  2. I also have never heard of PerkStreet before this.

    As for $600, I’d use half to make an extra car payment for the month, and the other half as principal for the custom historical costuming business I’m trying to get up and running.

  3. michelle

    PerkStreet? The first I’ve heard of it.
    If I received $600.00 I would do a couple things. I would take 500.00 of it and stash it away in our emergency fund; then I’d take the $100.00 left and throw a little party just because when times are rough we all need some laughter and fun.

  4. I would put a $100 in savings, $200 to pamper & de-stress at the hair salon (a year overdue) myself, and the last $300 towards an order of perennial spring bulbs at White Flower Farms to secretly plant around my neighborhood, at well-used intersections, and along the roadside. What a beautiful, lasting spring surprise!

  5. Jannet Deveny

    I have never heard of Perkstreet prior to this. The giveaway reminds me of the “old days” when banks would give toasters and electric blankets to gain new customers. Funny how as we move forward, we return to the old ways of doing things.

    If my bank gave me $600, I would give $100 to my church for the benevelence fund, $100 to my grandchildren for their recital costumes,$100 to go shopping and the balance would pay off some of my medical bills.

  6. George Medeiros

    I would squirrel it away to use as a deposit on a larger rental property when it’s time to move. Two disabled adults and three dogs in an efficiency is a little hard pressed, especially when one of the adults isd claustrophobic.

  7. Interesting article and comments. If my bank GAVE me $600, I’d assume it was a mistake! After confirming that no mistake had been made, I’d tell everyone I know about it and pay down debt.

  8. With an extra $600, I’d put $100 into a savings account and use the other $500 to buy tickets for my husband, daughter and I to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in December and have a steak dinner before.

  9. Gabbriel Prater

    If my bank gave me $600 I would probably pay down a debt or save it. No, I would not head to the nearest cassino and drink booze and have a blast, even though it would be very tempting!

  10. Audrey H.

    If my bank gave me $600 the first thing I’d do is faint 🙂 Then I’d buy some much needed DIY home improvement stuff like paint, some new drapes and small repairs around the house, etc.

  11. At this point in the struggle in my bank or anyone gave me an extra $600 I would take half and give it to student loans. $150 to a credit card bill and the last $150 to savings. This way i can see it being stretched a long way.

  12. Lee Broom

    If I were given 600. I would either get my new laptop I’ve been saving for, or put it up toward the down payment on our backup vehicle, since we only have one right now, that is 7 years old and has 240,000 miles on it. I’d also be thanking the Lord for the money!

  13. Shemika

    If I had $600, I would put $300 in an emergency fund, put $100 in a CD for my son, and use the last $100 to get my brakes fixed (you can’t make money if you can’t get to work, eh?)

  14. I would do the past – (debt) present- (toward a flat screen TV that I am saving up to buy) and future, (put in my prudent reserve) FYI- I NEVER Thought I could save and once I did an automatic savings plan, it became a no brainer!!!

  15. $600? Could use about $6,000, but would be very grateful for the winnings! $600…. I would put 1/3 to bills, 1/3 to my kids for their bills…. and 1/3 anonymously to someone who needs it more. Windfalls are meant to be pay-it-forwarded 🙂

  16. I would buy my sister a dishwasher , and give some $$ to my unemployed friend whom i have filled up with tomatoes from our garden this summer! I emailed her recipes for scalloped potatoes, after i picked up 10#s of taters for 99cent for her and a bag for my own family. I am always trying to cheer up and help someone who has less than the wonderful life i have here, ah, and send $100 to my friend who shelters unwanted ferrets!

  17. If I got $600 dollars, I’d pay off my $200 credit card bill and put the rest towards saving for a trip that my best friend and I are planning to take when he safely returns from Afghanistan in the spring.

  18. I would try and get a good used frig and gas stove,
    winter tune-up and get strange noise check on my 1990 old antique car,
    get the dogs their current shots/licences,
    and … get vitamins, B-complex, flax seed oil, multi-vitamins, the joint ones w/ MSM… and fill the gas tank.

  19. Gregory Martin

    I think that I would treat my wife and kids to dinner, movie and a weekend away. I can justify this because;
    We have no credit card debt.
    Both of our cars are used and have been paid off for years.
    Student loans have been paid off for years.
    We just refinanced our home at 3.85% over 15 years. This will potentually save us thousands of dollars.
    We save 40% of our income for retirement.
    Both of our credit scores are now at 815!!!!


  21. Georgia

    I would buy food!!!
    [email protected]

  22. Rachel Weekely

    If I was given $600, I would help pay for tickets for some women to go to the Women of Faith Conference with me in KC….it is a life-changing event and I know that not everyone can afford it right now, but I know they would be blessed. God is good!

  23. If I had $600.00, I would put it towards some of my needs that I am currently juggling to pay since I am unemployed. My needs are medications, an oil change and gas for my car to continue to look for work.

  24. If the bank gave me $600, I’d put it towards taking my grandmother to Dreamworld to walk with the tigers, which is $700 not including the entry fee, and I’ve confirmed they have wheelchair access.

  25. I would use the $600 my bank gave me in the following ways: I would use 10% as an offering for my church, leaving me $540 , of which I would spend $500 to pay on a loan and $40 for myself to buy flowers for my humble abode. Thank you.

  26. If the bank gave me $600, I would add it to my current fund I am setting aside to pay down on a used car for my daughter who is getting ready to be 16 and get her license. I currently drive a 1990 GMC pick up in need of a paint job. I am saving to buy a car that I can drive until it becomes hers. I am working on my goals of becoming debt free and living below my means.

  27. Chris Taylor

    I would put it in a saving account. Have to keep something in case of sickness.. Hubby does not get sick pay. That savings might very well be much needed food. I use a credit card to get the rebates, & pay them off at the end of the month.

  28. If I was given $600.00, I would: save 1/6th of it for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Another 1/6th of it would be for my son’s first birthday that is coming up in exactly two weeks from now, on the 27th of October. One-third of it would be for winter clothes for my family. The last third of it would be split up into a Christmas tree savings fund, presents, and a $50.00 donation to St. Joseph’s Indian School in Chamberlain South Dakota for abused Native American children. ( Thanks for giving me an extra reason to think about what I might do with $600.00 🙂

  29. If my bank gave me $600 I would use the money to pay some bills. I know it sounds oh brother kind of answer but that is what I would have to do at this time. I might save some for a fun since everyone in this world deserves a little fun now and then. 🙂

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