Citi Launches Mobile Application for the iPhone

Citi_Mobile_1Citi recently launched a free mobile application for the iPhone. Since I’ve been a long-time banking and credit card customer of Citi, and since I have an iPhone, it seemed like a good product to review. I’ve never used my iPhone for online banking, and my first reaction was that it just isn’t necessary. I sit in front of a computer all day. If I want to check my account, I can log-in in a matter of seconds. But then it occurred to me that when I’m out with the family on the road, it could come in handy. So Let’s check it out.

Downloading and Activating Citi Mobile

The first step is to visit Citi’s Mobile App page. Existing customers can sign up for mobile banking. Once you sign-up, Citi sends you two text messages on your iPhone. The first is a link to access the Apple iTunes store to download the software. The second message contains an access code that you will use only the first time you access mobile banking.

It took me about 5 minutes to sign-up, download the app and start using it. During the sign-up process, you must create a unique 6-digit PIN that you will use each time you access your accounts online. I confused this code with the one Citi sent me in the text message noted above. Just remember that the text message contains a one-time code for the first time you access mobile banking. The 6-digit code you create is your PIN to access mobile banking going forward.

Balances, Transaction History, and Bill Pay

When you sign on to Mobile banking, you get access to your accounts just as if you were at a computer. Because I’ve linked my Citi credit cards to my online banking, they show up as well. Even if you haven’t linked your credit cards, you can still gain access to them on your iPhone, they are just not listed along with your bank accounts. All of that is pretty standard.

But what really caught my eye is how easy it is to pay bills and transfer funds via an iPhone. All of my existing Payees are listed, so paying a bill took just a few seconds. While I suspect I’ll pay bills on my computer still, I also suspect I’ll use this feature of Mobile Banking when I’m in a pinch. You can also transfer funds from one account to another. I use this feature a lot when my checking account is running low, and with Citi Mobile it’s pretty easy. Here are screenshots of both bill pay and transferring funds:


Here’s a recap:

  • Citi Mobile application for the iPhone device provides our customers with anywhere, anytime access to their credit card account information.
  • Citi Mobile is available free on the Apple App Store and on iTunes.
  • Citi credit card customers can quickly check account balances, available credit, details on recent transactions, and the date on which the next payment is due.

As I noted above, you can get more information on Citi’s Mobile App page.

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  1. Thank God for internet banking, I say. I have three very active accounts, three very active children and one very time-consuming job, so going to the bank became almost impossible for me and my husband. But, nowadays we have an iphone and do most our banking online while on the move. It has made my life so much simpler.

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