The Best 12 Month CD Rates 2012

The 12 month CD term is the first term in which the interest rate exceeds that of a standard online savings account, making it the most viable CD term length around.  Check the interest rates for any online bank today and they probably can’t match what a 12 month CD can provide.

The best 12 month CD rates are provided from online banks most everyone has seen advertised on TV.  Ally certainly has done a good job in re-branding itself from the troubled GMAC Bank and is winning a good amount of consumer opinion awards for service. But there are a lot of other quality banks shown below, too.  Below are the best twelve month CD rates.

BankAPYMinimum CD AmountDetails


GE Capital Bank Review


Ally Bank Review


Discover Bank Review

Investing in a CD is a great way to keep money safe and secure, while earning a solid return.  One year CD rates won’t bring in thousands of dollars in interest each year (depending on how much you invest of course), but they are FDIC insured for up to $250,000 per depositor and the rate you receive is guaranteed.

Make sure to check your local banks for the best 12-month CD rates as well because sometimes the national brands can’t match what your bank down the street can provide.

Published or Updated: November 9, 2012
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  1. assessment says:

    Those who are in businesses earn way more then that but for those who rely on savings it’s an option.

  2. James Humphrey says:

    My “CD Ladder” has become as level as a balancing beam.

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