How to Spot a Pyramid Scheme (and Avoid Losing Your Money)

Bernie Madoff’s arrest in December of 2008 brought renewed attention to the concept of a Ponzi scheme. The close cousin of the Ponzi scheme, named for Charles Ponzi who swindled investors in the 1920’s, is a “pyramid scheme.” Similar to a Ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme is a form of fraud that promises participants payment […]

Lease vs Buy: What’s the Best Way to Get a New Car?

If you’re in the market for a new car or truck, you might be considering an old argument: Should I lease or should I buy? Unless you have enough cash available to purchase a new automobile outright, both choices have pros and cons. After you’ve considered your financial position, your decision should be easier than you […]

How to Avoid Startling Work-from-Home Scams

I’m sure that a week doesn’t go by where you don’t receive at least a few emails in your spam folder. Some of them probably try to lure you in by talking about wonderful opportunities where you can work at home. In some cases, the e-mail promises a job. But the job requires you to […]

What Are ETFs (and Are They a Strong Investment Option)?

Most investors are familiar with mutual funds and index funds. But what are ETFs (also known as exchange traded funds)? What’s the difference? In a mutual fund, investors pool their investment dollars, and fund managers decide how to invest that money. Investors are typically involved with certain aspects of the fund: strategy, what sorts of […]

CD Early Withdrawal Penalties May Blow Your Mind

With interest rates on savings accounts at historic lows, certificates of deposit (CDs) are on the minds of many. The longer the term, the higher the rate of return. That also means a longer period of your money being locked up — out of reach for emergencies and/or unexpected life changes. Herein lies the rub […]

SimplyCash® Plus Business Credit Card from American Express Review

We’ve reviewed our fair share of small business credit cards over the last few years. While many of them offer rewards to small business owners, the annual fee and overall benefits package just isn’t quite enough. Let’s be honest here: credit cards have a very bad rap. They’re debt traps for consumers who don’t understand their […]