A Review of Qoins, The App That Pays Off Your Debt

I love FinTech, and I’m always looking for the latest personal finance applications that will help me achieve my finance goals. A few months ago, I had an idea about linking the principle of Acorns and penny rounding transactions with attacking personal debt. I thought that if I wanted this, others out there probably did, too. […]

How to Find the Best Hassle-Free Life Insurance

There are only two things in life that are guaranteed: death and taxes. Your tax bill will come and go as the years roll on, but death will loom larger and larger in the horizon. How are you going to prepare your family for that moment, especially if it happens unexpectedly before you reach retirement […]

Review of Cinch by Fidelity

As early as 2014, Fidelity Investments rolled out a budget and savings tool called Cinch. Located in the hard-to-find MyMoney section of their website, this “budgeting for beginners” web application seems to still be in beta phase two years later. If after reading this article you decide to try it out, be sure and submit […]

How Benjamin and Albert Can Help Organize Your Finances

The fintech space is getting crowded. Mint, Personal Capital, Stash, Acorns, Simple… you name it, and there is an app or website for whatever flavor of personal finance action you want. Well, there are two new products in town that are threatening to change the game. Albert, a standalone account aggregator, offers financial health scores […]

How Simple Bank is Living Up to Its Name

I want to simplify how I handle money. This includes fully automating my savings and budgeting for my monthly spending. It would be even better to consolidate the spending and the saving into one place. But how do I do that when there are hundreds of apps available on my mobile device to help me […]

5 Sites that Save You Money on Your Retail Spending

As someone interested in financial freedom, you are probably pretty cognizant of where your money goes. You use cash back credit cards, put your money in high yield savings accounts, and try to save on purchases wherever you can. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the best deals, though. We are creatures of habit […]