How to Learn from the Stock Market Crash of 1929

The Great Depression tore a hole into the economy of the US and it all started with the stock market crash of 1929. Here are some key lessons learned. The stock market crash of 1929 was an unprecedented economic event in American history. Not only was it financially devastating for so many, but it also […]

Is the 50-20-30 Budget a Good Rule of Thumb?

Budgeting is a cornerstone habit for building wealth. One approach to creating a budget is the 50/20/30 rule. In this article we cover this method to managing your money and how to apply it to your finances. How can the numbers 50, 20, and 30 help you manage your finances? Well, they could completely transform […]

How Big of a Down Payment Do You Need to Buy a Home?

One important decision when buying a home is how big of a down payment you should make. We look at the required down payment for several different types of mortgages, as well as the average down payment on a house. When we bought our first home back in 1993, we did so with a down […]

The Best Bank CD Rates of 2017

My very first investment was in certificates of deposit. I was a teenager, and CDs back then paid more than 10%. While we can’t get that kind of return today, a certificate of deposit is a safe place to hold cash. And if you pick a high yield CD, you will earn a decent return. […]

Is Travel Insurance Worth Buying? Here’s How to Decide

Travel insurance is a type of personal coverage used to protect oddball travel expenses. It covers things like medical bills if you’re sick or injured on your trip. Some policies will also pay back deposits you’ll lose on airfare or hotel accommodations, if you’re forced to cancel your trip. This all sounds great but, of […]

7 Timely Money Tips If You Become Unemployed

The unemployment rate has fallen dramatically in the past few years. But the memory of the latest financial crisis still lingers. It’s wise to recognize that there’s no such thing as true job security. You could find yourself unemployed after being gainfully employed for years. After the shock settles in, you need to accept that […]