Does Paying Rent Improve Your Credit Score?

Not too long ago, paying rent didn’t have much to do with your credit score. Of course, not paying rent could always (and still can) wreck your credit score. If you were behind enough to have your account sent to a collections agency or go through a judgment process, that information would likely appear on […]

Which Is Cheaper: Amazon or Warehouse Stores?

I’ve always been a bit of an Amazon junkie. On any given day, you’re likely to see at least one cardboard box with blue Amazon Prime tape gracing my front steps. We use it to order just about everything, from winterizing plastic for the windows to vitamins for the baby. Since said baby was born, […]

A Look At H&R Block’s Tax Preparation Services For 2017

H&R Block has long been a trusted name in affordable tax preparation. (And their commercials have been pretty on-point for the past few years, too!) Now, they offer their DIY tax filing option online. What’s new this year, and what level of H&R Block’s online software might work best for your needs? Get the details […]

What to Do If You Get Audited

Do you know one of my least favorite return addresses to find in the mailbox? Internal Revenue Service. As a freelancer who often owes on her taxes at the end of the year, it’s not all that unusual for me to get notices from the IRS. But still, my stomach sinks every time it happens. […]

15 Ways to Supercharge Your Finances This Year

Do you have some personal finance goals for 2017? I sure do! After finally settling into my newly-renovated home, I’m ready to save more, give more, and pay off more debt this year! Regardless of your specific goals, you can take a few simple steps to supercharge your finances this year. Here are 15 options […]

A Review of TaxAct’s Services for This Year

If you’ve been looking for a cheaper way to get your taxes done, TaxAct could be the online software for you. It’s more affordable than many other software options out there, and it could prove especially helpful if you’re preparing your own taxes for the first time. New Features in 2017 TaxAct has introduced several […]