Marriage and Credit Scores: What If the Worst Happens?

We recently got an interesting question from a reader named Kathy. Even though I’ve written many articles about credit over the years, this particular issue has never come up. I wasn’t quite sure how to answer. So, I went digging to find answers for this reader, and wanted to share them with you, too. Here’s […]

5 COBRA Alternatives That Could Save You Money

If you’ve ever been laid off or left your job voluntarily, you may have looked into COBRA. If so, you probably found that it would cost you a small fortune to continue your health insurance, especially since the government no longer subsidizes COBRA costs. Luckily, there are alternatives in today’s insurance market. Here’s what you […]

What is the Best Life Insurance You Can Buy?

Buying life insurance can be tough. First, you have to decide how much insurance coverage you need. That involves all kinds of detailed questions about your income, debts, and expectations. But then, you have to actually find the best life insurance for your particular needs. We’re here to make this confusing process a little simpler. […]

How Changes In the Federal Financial Aid Application Will Affect You

Early this year, the federal Department of Education announced some changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly referred to as the FAFSA. This is the form students must fill out to receive any type of federal student aid, including student loans and Pell Grants. Even if you’re not planning to rely on […]

The Opposite of Spoiled Review

As a long-time personal finance writer, I’ve always known I wanted to teach my kids about money starting from an early age. But it turns out that writing about life insurance and credit scores is worlds different from teaching little kids the basics of money management. My husband and I had been talking for a […]

6 Things You Need to Know Before You Refinance to Pay Off Debt

So, you’re drowning in high-interest credit card debt and personal loans? You’ve also got some good equity built up in your home? Maybe you’re thinking about leveraging today’s still-low mortgage rates and refinance to pay off debt. It’s a tempting idea. And sometimes it makes sense. But shifting high-interest, unsecured debt onto your mortgage can […]