A Review of Mint.com For Your Budgeting Needs

I‘ve been a long time user of Mint.com. If you’re not familiar with Mint, it is a free online personal budgeting tool that allows you to see your whole financial life in one place. Whether it’s checking, savings, credit cards, PayPal, investments, retirement accounts or many other personal finance accounts, Mint.com is your one stop […]

Paul Merriman’s Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy

Over the past several months, listeners to the podcast have been clamoring for me to have Paul Merriman on the show. His Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy has been a consistent topic of conversation in the Facebook group as well. Well, today I’m happy to report that we finally have Paul on the show. We […]

How to Get Help Managing Your 401k (for $10 a Month)

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Costello, co-founder of Blooom. With Blooom, you can get help selecting and managing your 401k or 403b. Think of Blooom as the Betterment or Wealthfront of 401k accounts. It’s a robo-advisor that has figured out how to help employees manage their workplace retirement accounts. Related: […]

How Late Payments Really Affect Your Credit Score

Late payments can happen to the best of us. Sometimes we pay a bill late due to oversight. Other times a shortage of cash is the culprit. How late your payments are and how often they occur affect your credit score. How perfect your score is otherwise, and a host of other factors also play […]

How to Get Out of Debt… and Fast

I’m not a huge Dave Ramsey fan. I’ve listened to his show from time to time and read his books. He can be entertaining, and he has helped a lot of people. But his dogmatic,“I’m right, and you’re wrong” approach to personal finance just rubs me the wrong way. Of course, he can be inspiring […]

Can You Get a Solid Financial Plan for Only $96?

I can still remember my first financial plan. The good folks at American Express created a thick, beautifully-bound financial plan for my wife and I when we were first starting out. It was useless. The problem wasn’t Amex, though — the problem was that we didn’t have any assets of which to speak. There wasn’t […]