Here’s How Much to Save (and How to Do It!)

As we’re flooded with new products and services every day, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay disciplined with knowing how much to save. The temptation to buy and consume can often outweigh long-term goals, such as retiring early, having financial stability, and providing for your family. So, how does one overcome that temptation in order […]

Betterment vs. Wealthfront: Which Is the Best Robo-Advisor in 2017?

Two of the biggest robo-advisors are Betterment and Wealthfront.  At first glance they may appear to be virtually identical. Both create diversified portfolios with similar low cost ETFs. Both rebalance your portfolio, reinvest your dividends, and offer tax loss harvesting. Both have slick, easy-to-use websites. But there are some significant differences between Wealthfront and Betterment […]

JL Collins’ Tips for Achieving Financial Independence

It is not often that people become financially independent a mere 15 years after starting their career. Although he didn’t know it right away, Jim Collins did just that. In 1989, he became financially independent, only a decade and a half into his profession. Jim Collins is now the author of A Simple Path to […]

The 10 Most Expensive States to Insure Your Automobile

As any driver knows, a whole host of variables can affect how much you pay to insure a car on the road. Getting older? The most dangerous drivers are younger than 25. The safest, between 50 and 65. Statistically safer drivers, women tend to pay less overall. Accidents and tickets within a recent number of […]

The Ultimate Guide to Eliminating Your Law School Debt

The year was 1992. I had just graduated from Boston University Law School, magna cum laude no less. My mom was proud. The school handed me a diploma. The government handed me $55,000 in school loans. In today’s dollars, my law school debt was the equivalent of about $100,000. Ouch. It’s somewhat ironic that after […]

How to Make Giving Part of Your Financial Plan With Vanguard Charitable

We all want to do good. Part of doing good, at least for my wife and I, is to support charities that help those in need. While it sounds simple, charitable giving can present some obstacles, though. How do we get started? What tools can we use to helps us choose the right charities? How […]