How to Get Help Managing Your 401k (for $10 a Month)

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Costello, co-founder of Blooom. With Blooom, you can get help selecting and managing your 401k or 403b. Think of Blooom as the Betterment or Wealthfront of 401k accounts. It’s a robo-advisor that has figured out how to help employees manage their workplace retirement accounts. Related: […]

How Late Payments Really Affect Your Credit Score

Late payments can happen to the best of us. Sometimes we pay a bill late due to oversight. Other times a shortage of cash is the culprit. How late your payments are and how often they occur affect your credit score. How perfect your score is otherwise, and a host of other factors also play […]

How to Get Out of Debt… and Fast

I’m not a huge Dave Ramsey fan. I’ve listened to his show from time to time and read his books. He can be entertaining, and he has helped a lot of people. But his dogmatic,“I’m right, and you’re wrong” approach to personal finance just rubs me the wrong way. Of course, he can be inspiring […]

Can You Get a Solid Financial Plan for Only $96?

I can still remember my first financial plan. The good folks at American Express created a thick, beautifully-bound financial plan for my wife and I when we were first starting out. It was useless. The problem wasn’t Amex, though — the problem was that we didn’t have any assets of which to speak. There wasn’t […]

How to Refinance a Student Loan in 15 Minutes with Sofi

SoFi (short for Social Finance) is a peer-to-peer lending platform, not unlike Lending Club. Its primary focus is student loan refinancing, and it offers both fixed and variable rate loans of varying terms, from 5 to 20 years. It’s grown in popularity over the years, in part because it offers some of the lowest refinance rates […]

Everything You Need to Know About Rent-to-Own Homes

In 2005 I became a landlord. A good friend and I began investing in single family homes in the midwest. We purchased two HUD foreclosures in 2005, and since then we’ve added 3 more HUD foreclosures to our portfolio, and then sold two homes. When we advertise one of our homes for rent, we always […]