How to Calculate and Pay Quarterly Self-Employment Taxes

Many of us will have self-employment income this upcoming year. This may be from a small business with employees, a sole proprietorship, or even just contract work outside of a full-time job (such as a side hustle). Regardless of where it comes from, you’ll need to be prepared for the fact that you’ll likely need […]

10 “Guardrails” That Will Keep You on the Road to Financial Freedom

Personal finance can be a tricky area for many people. Our lives and demands are constantly changing, and keeping on top of all areas of our money (saving, budgeting, investing, etc) gets to be a bit complex sometimes. It can even end up on the back burner when life gets too demanding, causing us to […]

How to Make Money With Your Blog

Welcome back to our eighth – and  final – installment of the How to Start an Online Business series. We’ve covered what you need (and don’t need) to make money online, how to set up a WordPress site, what you need to do to drive traffic to your business, and now, we’re going to talk […]

401k and IRA Contribution and Deduction Limits for 2017

The IRS recently released the new 2017 401k and IRA contribution and deduction limits. The limits for both IRAs and 401ks remain the same in 2017. And that’s true for both contributions and catch-up contributions for those 50 or older. Here are the details. 401(k) Contribution Limits As announced by the IRS, the contribution limit […]

How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Business

Welcome to the 7th installment of our podcast series on launching your own, profitable website or blog. I’m glad you’ve stuck around and hope you’re learning a lot. In past posts, we’ve talked about picking the right domain name, setting up your WordPress site, and content strategy. Today, we are going to talk about driving […]

How to Plan the Content for Your New Blog

Welcome to Podcast 223, which is the 6th installment of our How to Start an Online Business series. I’m glad you’ve made it this far. If you’re just jumping in, we have covered picking a topic, getting a domain, and setting up a WordPress site in recent weeks. Today, we will be covering your content […]