The 31-Day Money Challenge

Editor’s Update: We published this series in 2014. Since then, thousands have worked through the 31-day money challenge, finding great success. Because it’s as relevant today as it was then, we are republishing it this year. We hope it helps you with your finances. As we begin a new year, it’s a good time to […]

A 10 Minute Budget That Actually Works

I hate budgeting. I’ve tried using envelopes, Quicken, YNAB, and even fancy spreadsheets… the results are always the same. I start off strong, but within a few weeks, I lose interest in the time-consuming chore that budgeting can be. The problem is that I still need to manage my money. So, what do I do? […]

5 Easy Steps If You Want to Roll Your 401(k) Into an IRA

In the past, we have looked at whether you should roll over your 401k to an IRA when you leave a job. Well, when I left my job a few years ago, I decided to go forward with a 401(k) rollover and transfer the retirement account to an IRA. The good news is that rollovers […]

What Credit Score do You Need to Buy a Home?

When it comes to mortgages and credit scores, there are two really important questions to ask: What credit score do I need to qualify for a mortgage? What credit score do I need to get the lowest interest rate on a mortgage? These different, but related, questions are important if you are looking to buy […]

10 Things I Learned from Flipping Real Estate (and Why I’ll Never Do It Again)

Thanks to reality TV shows, the concept of “flipping” a home has become enticing for many people. We’ve all seen the shows where smooth real estate agents and investors swoop in, then make an obscenely low offer on a home that needs a little work. They spend a few weeks rehabbing the property, stage it […]

How to Calculate and Pay Quarterly Self-Employment Taxes

Many of us will have self-employment income this upcoming year. This may be from a small business with employees, a sole proprietorship, or even just contract work outside of a full-time job (such as a side hustle). Regardless of where it comes from, you’ll need to be prepared for the fact that you’ll likely need […]