Reader Question: Can You Pay a Credit Card with Another Credit Card?

In a recent Daily Dough newsletter (subscribe for free here), I asked if people consider cash bonuses in picking credit cards, bank accounts, and brokerage accounts. You can see the responses to this question here. One reader responded with an interesting question of her own: Nowadays with my credit card paying all my bills, I […]

Do Bonus Deals Affect Your Purchasing Decisions?

Recently I asked Dough Roller newsletter subscribers (you can subscribe here and get a free copy of 99 Painless Ways to Save Money) whether a bonus deal on a product would affect their buying decision. Here’s some background. A lot of financial products are marketed by offering bonus cash to new clients. This is especially […]

Prosper vs. Lending Club SmackDown–Who has the best interest rates?

640LendingClub: LendingClub investors can earn significantly higher returns than on savings accounts or CDs. For borrowers, you can submit an application in under 3 minutes and get an instant decision. For more information on becoming a lender or borrower, visit the official LendingClub website. If you think Prosper and Lending Club set interest rates the […]

What Happens To Your Credit After a Divorce?

Divorce is painful. In addition to the emotional and familial challenges, divorce can also affect your finances. And that brings us to a question I’ve heard from a number of people: How does divorce affect your credit? First the good news. Divorce itself does not have a direct effect on your credit, credit history or […]

5 Ways to Beat Miserly Bank Interest Rates

Today’s low interest rates are a double-edged sword. For borrowers the low rates are great. The interest rates to refinance or purchase a home have never been lower. But if you are a saver, the interest you can earn is downright maddening. And it’s a problem I’ve been really focused on as of late. My […]

Amex Prepaid Card Offering $25 Gift Card

Update: This prepaid card is no longer available. American Express now offers the Serve Prepaid Card. American Express has just launched a limited time offer for those interested in its prepaid card. Until August 31, 2012, Amex is giving away a $25 gift card when you get an American Express® Prepaid Card and load $200 […]