ING Direct Promotional Deals

Update: Capital One 360 has purchased ING Direct. We have a comprehensive review of Capital One 360, and you can also visit our list of checking account promotions. One of the best deals in online banking comes from ING Direct. Not only does the bank offer excellent interest rates and virtually no fees, but it […]

ObamaCare Upheld!

Following oral argument in the Supreme Court case on ObamaCare, I predicted that the statute would be ruled unconstitutional. As you no doubt know by now, that prediction turned out to be dead wrong. And my prediction was scuttled by none other than Chief Justice John Roberts. So much for my predictions. And that raises […]

YNAB 4 Review

I’ve used a lot of money management tools. From, which is free, to Quicken, which is not, I’ve tried them all. And without a doubt the absolute best tool for budgeting is YNAB (short for “You Need A Budget”). A few days ago, the folks at YNAB released a new version of their software, […]

Reader Mailbag: How to Compare Balance Transfer Offers

Q:A reader recently asked which of the following balance transfer offers was the best: 0% interest for 18 months, then going to 14%, or 0% interest for 12 months, then going to 10%? She explained that the balance transfer fees are the same for both offers at three percent. And she wants to pay off […]

Raising a Kid Costs An Arm and a Leg

You may have heard the recent report that raising a kid costs a fortune. To be more specific, the government estimates that it costs $300,000 over the first 17 years to raise a child. Gulp. But don’t worry, it gets worse. Add in the cost parents spend on children after age 17 and the income […]

How to Turn Credit Card Points and Miles Into Cash

Recently I’ve grown weary of using so many credit cards. In order to maximize rewards, we have been using the Capital One® VentureSM Rewards Credit Card, the Starwood Preferred Guest® Card from American Express, and The Platinum Card® from American Express. The problem is that it’s a pain to manage and budget three different cards […]