Is the Press Pumping Facebook’s IPO?

This morning I read an article on CNN with the headline, “Seniors clamoring to invest in Facebook IPO.” Of all the silly articles written about Facebook’s impending IPO in an effort to draw readers to news websites, this one has to be the lamest. So of course I read the article. It turns out the […]

Credit Scores and Fannie Mae–What You Need to Know

Here are three facts about mortgage applications that at first glance are difficult to reconcile: Fact 1: Mortgage rates are at historic lows. Fact 2: Real Estate prices have fallen substantially over the past few years. Fact 3: The number of mortgage applications over the past 2 months are DOWN. So what’s going on here? […]

Should You Pay Off Debt or Save for Retirement?

One of the questions I see a lot deals with which financial goal you should tackle first. Should you pay off your credit card debt first, and then build an emergency fund? Should you save for retirement while you still have school loans? Which credit card should you pay off first? Yesterday, Deacon from Well […]

Facebook Worth $100 Billion (and I Can Whistle Dixie Out My @$$)

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Tech Buble meet Facebook. Facebook is on the verge of ushering in the largest IPO ever. FB plans to offer 337 million Class A shares at between $28 and $35 per share. At the high end of that […]

2012 Retirement Confidence Survey

The Employee Benefit Research Institute recently released its 2012 Retirement Confidence Survey (pdf download). It’s not a pretty picture. The survey covers a lot of retirement issues, including confidence you’ll have enough to retire (most aren’t so confident), what age you think you’ll retire (in 1991 11% said 65; in 2012 it jumped to 37%), […]

Ally Introduces 2 New Ally Bank Mobile Apps

Recently Ally Bank released two mobile phone applications. The apps, designed for the iPhone or Android phones, are a big step into mobile banking for Ally. Frankly, Ally Bank has been behind the curve on its move toward mobile banking, but the Ally Mobile Banking and Ally ATM and Cash Locator apps move it in […]