Official 2011 Income Tax Brackets

With 2011 about to come to a close, my mind always turns to taxes. For the 2011 tax year, tax returns will be due April 17, 2012 (April 15, 2012 falls on a Sunday and April 16, 2012 is Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia). So I thought it would be helpful to pull […]

Published or Updated: December 30, 2011

The 4 Best Credit Cards of 2015

Citi Platinum Select Mastercard Big

With 2015 in full swing, it seems like a good time to review some of the best credit card offers available. Carrying the right credit card(s) for your spending habits is not only the responsible thing to do, but also the smart thing to do.  Credit cards get a bad rap sometimes, especially when you […]

Published or Updated: March 17, 2015

3-Step Financial Checkup


So where do you stand financially? Are you on track to meet your goals? Given your age and income, have you saved and invested as much as you should have? How much house can you afford? These were some of the questions I began asking myself several years ago. The problem is, it was difficult […]

Published or Updated: April 21, 2014

6 Websites Offering Odd Jobs to Earn Extra Cash


When unemployment meets frugal spending you get internet sites offering a happy median for both. If you need to make extra money and the traditional job hunt isn’t working, then consider one of these 6 websites that offer more of a non-traditional approach to making money. I must warn you, some of the sites require […]

Published or Updated: December 22, 2011

Discover Credit Cards Review

Discover Network Logo

Of the four major credit card issuers in play today, Discover is the least used and least known.  Originally started in 1985 as a Sears brand, Discover has branded itself effectively over the last decade to become a major competitor of Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  A line of commercials featuring the customer service representative […]

Published or Updated: November 5, 2014

Banks vs. Credit Unions–Where to Find the Best Interest Rates

Banks Versus Credit Unions

Photo: shehan365 Where do you go to find the best interest rates? With the Occupy Wall Street and Bank Transfer Day movements in the news, I lot of folks have moved from big banks to credit unions. And that raises an important question–do banks or credit unions have the best interest rates? Now in some […]

Published or Updated: January 22, 2012

OptionsHouse Current Deals and Promotions

OptionsHouse Leaderboard

It’s become routine for online discount brokers to woo customers by providing a few free trades or a little up-front cash. But OptionsHouse has taken the idea to another level.  Currently, OptionsHouse is offering five different promotions, each awarding a little something different for potential traders. I use OptionsHouse for both casual investing and to […]

Published or Updated: January 18, 2012

2011 Holiday Tipping Guide

Tip Jar

Photo: Muy Yum ‘Tis the season to tip! It’s a wonderful time of the year and it’s also pretty darn confusing. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out when a tip is even appropriate, let alone how much you should give. That times are tough and you might not be able to be as generous as […]

Published or Updated: December 21, 2011

Comparison of Layway Plans from 5 Major Retailers


Photo: Irargerch Is layaway smart? According to Senator Charles Schumer (NY) layaway programs are deceptive and misleading. Senator Schumer is prepared to take on layaway programs with the same force that he used to take on the credit card companies. Schumer is the one who put the legislation in place that now requires credit card […]

Published or Updated: December 16, 2011