Where To Buy Cheap Checks Online

Checks Superstore

Photo: jridgewayphotography Banks are robbing us blind. As we mentioned last week in our article about how to order checks online, ordering check refills from your bank can be a costly mistake. All banks do is pass the order off to another company, and then mark up the costs to consumers. Instead, there are several […]

Published or Updated: May 10, 2013

15 Ways to Slash Your Cell Phone Bill

Photo: Guwashi999 One of the all time best ways to save money is to cut your cell phone bill. With a family of four, our cell phone plan now costs us close to $200 a month, including data and texting packages. The cost has gotten out of hand, so I’ve been in search of ways […]

Published or Updated: August 12, 2012

Top 10 Black Friday Apps for Your iPhone


Photo: Roadsidepictures If Steve Jobs had wanted to get a great deal on Black Friday, how would he have done it? He wouldn’t have camped out all night to be the first one in line at Walmart, or even an Apple store for that matter. No, he would have put the technology he created to […]

Published or Updated: November 23, 2011

OptionsHouse $600 IRA Bonus

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In a down economy, the possibility of earning big cash bonuses without shelling out money of your own has proven to be difficult.  Outside some of the best credit card deals, banks are becoming more stingy with their promo offers. But OptionsHouse has just launched a goody.  From now until December 31st, 2012, anyone who […]

Published or Updated: April 16, 2013

How To Order Checks Online


Photo: Newton Free Library Checks are evil. I’m serious. In a world of electronic transactions, debit and credit cards, direct deposit, PayPal, and online payments, shouldn’t physical checks be a thing of the past? Yet, I’m amazed at how many checks my wife and I go through. From charitable contributions to school lunches, we write […]

Published or Updated: November 22, 2011

Citi Credit Cards Review

Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa Card Big

If you rank US banks by order of assets, Citi comes in a distant third to JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America.  Founded way back in 1812 as the City Bank of New York, Citibank has operations in more than 100 countries, including 1,400+ branches in the United States.  Up until 2008, Citibank was […]

Published or Updated: February 12, 2014

5 Weird Ways to Invest Your Money

A volatile stock market and crummy interest rates have forced a lot of people to get creative when it comes to investing their money. We’ve put together a list of five of the wackiest ways people are parking their cash. A quick word of caution before you go crazy with these types of investments — […]

Published or Updated: October 28, 2012

Get A Totally Free Credit Score from Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame

It wasn’t until a few years ago that a consumer could obtain their credit score without entering their credit card information.  Most credit monitoring services would offer a “free trial”, ready to charge the day after the trial expires.  Now, anyone can obtain their  Experian credit score for free, without entering payment information by signing […]

Published or Updated: December 20, 2011

Credit Reports vs. Credit Scores: Do You Know the Difference?

Credit Report Versus Credit Score

Last week I helped a family member get a copy of their credit report and credit score. One thing they found confusing was just what the difference was between the two. Contrary to what many believe, a credit report and a credit score are not one and the same. While they are variations on your […]

Published or Updated: March 11, 2014