List of Daily Deal Sites

Over the past year or so “daily deal” sites have proliferated. Perhaps the most newsworthy daily deal site is Groupon, which Google tried to purchase last year for $6 billion. Groupon declined. These deal sites typically fall into one of four categories: Local Deals: Sites like Groupon and Living Social offer daily deals from local […]

My Experience with a 401K Rollover

I recently changed jobs. And as part of the transition, I decided to rollover my 401k from my old employer to a rollover IRA. My 401k was with Fidelity, and my plan was to move it over to an existing IRA at Vanguard. In this article I want to walk through the reasons I made […]

How to Buy Gold and Silver Online with APMEX

I‘ve wanted to invest in gold or silver for some time. Not a big investment, but just enough to give my portfolio some more diversity. Plus I like collecting coins, and gold and silver are a perfect fit. The problem was finding the best place to buy precious metals. I ended up buying silver online, […]

Google Wallet–Will the Smartphone Replace the Credit Card

Having conquered everything from search engines to maps to cell phones, Google has now focused its collective attention on your billfold. Called simply enough, Google Wallet, the latest technology to come out of the Googleplex is looking to change the way we pay for just about everything. How Google Wallet Works Google’s new technology seeks […]

The ‘Buffett Tax’ May Just Wallop His Secretary

The online news machine is abuzz with President Obama’s new tax plan. Calling it the Buffett Tax after famed investor Warren Buffett, the president is proposing a plethera of new taxes. These new taxes include new taxes on millionaires and new taxes on the “rich,” meaning married couples who make more than $250,000. And to […]

OptionsXpress Promo Codes and $100 Bonus for New Investors

Update: The $100 OptionsXpress bonus is no longer available. OptionsXpress promotional codes offer everything from free account transfers to $100 sign-up bonuses.  In a competitive online discount broker community, the tools OptionsXpress brings to the table are it’s greatest asset The most popular promo code is OptionsXpress’ $100 cash bonus for new accounts. Here are […]