When Do Medical Costs Become Too Costly for Most Families?

Medical expenses can quickly put financial strain on a family. According to one CNN report, 60% of personal bankruptcies were caused by mounting medical bills. Although some families sock away money for a rainy day, medical care in the thousands can wipe out a family’s savings in an instant. At what point do healthcare expenses […]

Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express Review

Founded in 1924, Delta Airlines is the largest airline operating under a single ticket in the world.  Delta flies to all six major continents (Antarctica no included) and is responsible for more than 4,000 flights each and every day.  If you fly Delta, American Express has designed a line of credit cards specific to your […]

PenFed Offers 4.99% Balance Transfer for Life

While surfing the net yesterday, I came across a unique balance transfer offer that I thought was worth passing along. For a limited time, PenFed is offering a 4.99% balance transfer for 24 months, with no balance transfer fee. Although it’s not a zero percent offer, the fact that the low rate is good for […]

The Adoption Tax Credit and Form 8839

When my wife and I adopted our children (in the 1990s), there weren’t any adoption tax credits for us to take advantage of. Today, however, if you’ve adopted a child, you may be able to claim an income exclusion of $13,170 from your income and a tax credit for the same amount, depending on the […]

How I Tripled My Money with an Emerging Market Fund

You’ve probably heard of the expression, “it’s better to be lucky than good.” That sums up a lot of my success as an investor. And there is no better example of this than my investments in emerging markets. I first invested in an emerging market fund at the end of 2002. And the timing couldn’t […]

Do Prepaid Cards Help You Establish Credit?

I’ve had several readers ask me recently whether they can establish credit with a prepaid credit card. Most recently, a reader named Lynn asked the following: Please contact me about the availability of a pre-paid credit card to help me establish credit. The topic of building credit can be a confusing one, and whether prepaid […]